Why does aaron leave gas monkey garage?

Why does aaron leave gas monkey garage?


Aaron Kaufman, the renowned mechanic and fabricator, gained widespread recognition as a member of Gas Monkey Garage, a prominent automotive shop featured on the popular reality TV show “Fast N’ Loud.” However, fans were left wondering why Aaron decided to leave Gas Monkey Garage, a place where he had established himself as a key figure. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind Aaron’s departure and shed light on the factors that led to this significant change.

The Desire for Personal Growth

Seeking new challenges: After spending years at Gas Monkey Garage, Aaron Kaufman expressed a desire for personal growth and new challenges. As a highly skilled mechanic, he wanted to explore different avenues and expand his horizons beyond the confines of the garage. This longing for professional development and exploring new opportunities played a pivotal role in his decision to leave Gas Monkey Garage.

Entrepreneurial aspirations: Aaron Kaufman also had entrepreneurial aspirations that he wanted to pursue. By leaving Gas Monkey Garage, he could focus on establishing his own business ventures and taking control of his professional destiny. This desire to build something of his own and have creative freedom likely influenced his departure from the well-established automotive shop.

Differences in Vision and Direction

Creative differences: As with any collaborative endeavor, differences in vision and creative direction can arise. It is possible that Aaron Kaufman and the leadership at Gas Monkey Garage had divergent ideas about the future of the business and the projects they wanted to undertake. These creative differences might have contributed to Aaron’s decision to part ways and pursue his own path.

Desire for authenticity: Aaron Kaufman has always been known for his commitment to authenticity and his meticulous attention to detail. It is possible that he felt the need to align himself with a work environment that shared his values and allowed him to fully express his creative vision. If he believed that Gas Monkey Garage was moving in a direction that compromised these principles, it could have been a significant factor in his departure.

Personal and Lifestyle Considerations

Work-life balance: The demanding nature of working in a high-profile automotive shop like Gas Monkey Garage can often tip the scales in favor of work, leaving little time for personal life and other interests. Aaron Kaufman might have decided to leave in search of a better work-life balance, allowing him to dedicate time to personal relationships, hobbies, and other pursuits that he felt were being neglected.

Geographical factors: Another aspect that could have influenced Aaron’s decision is the location of Gas Monkey Garage. If he desired a change of scenery or wanted to be closer to family and friends, the need to relocate could have played a role in his departure. Sometimes, personal circumstances and the desire for a different living environment can be strong motivators for making significant career changes.


In conclusion, Aaron Kaufman’s departure from Gas Monkey Garage can be attributed to a combination of factors. His desire for personal growth, entrepreneurial aspirations, differences in vision and direction, and personal considerations all likely played a role in his decision. While his departure left fans of the show saddened, it also opened up new opportunities for Aaron to explore and showcase his skills and creativity in different ways.


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