Why did gas monkey garage closed?

Why did gas monkey garage closed?


Gas Monkey Garage, a popular automotive restoration shop and television show, gained a significant following for its unique approach to car restoration and customization. However, fans were left disappointed when news broke that Gas Monkey Garage had closed its doors. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind the closure of Gas Monkey Garage and delve into the factors that contributed to this decision.

Financial Challenges

Declining Revenue: One of the main reasons for the closure of Gas Monkey Garage was the decline in revenue. Despite the popularity of the television show and the garage’s brand, financial difficulties plagued the business. It is believed that the decline in revenue was due to various factors, including changes in consumer preferences and economic downturns.

High Overhead Costs: Gas Monkey Garage operated on a large scale, with a substantial facility and a team of skilled mechanics. The maintenance and operational costs associated with such a setup were significant. These high overhead costs put additional strain on the business, making it difficult to sustain profitability.

Business Expansion

Expansion into Merchandise: Gas Monkey Garage expanded its brand beyond car restoration and ventured into merchandise sales. While this move initially seemed promising, it required additional resources and investments. The success of the merchandise line was not enough to offset the financial challenges faced by the garage, leading to further strain on the business.

Television Show Commitments: Gas Monkey Garage gained widespread recognition through its television show, “Fast N’ Loud.” The show not only showcased the garage’s restoration projects but also provided a platform for advertising and brand exposure. However, the commitments associated with producing a television show required significant time and resources, diverting attention from the core business operations.

Internal Disputes

Partnership Issues: Gas Monkey Garage was founded by Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman, who initially had a successful partnership. However, internal disputes and differences in vision emerged over time, leading to tension within the business. These conflicts may have contributed to the decision to close Gas Monkey Garage.


In conclusion, the closure of Gas Monkey Garage can be attributed to a combination of financial challenges, business expansion, and internal disputes. The decline in revenue, high overhead costs, and the need to invest in merchandise sales strained the business’s finances. Additionally, the commitments associated with the television show and internal partnership issues further impacted the garage’s operations. These factors ultimately led to the difficult decision to close Gas Monkey Garage.


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