What does active mean in real estate?

What does active mean in real estate?


In the realm of real estate, the term “active” holds significant importance. It refers to the status of a property listing and indicates whether the property is currently available for sale or lease. Understanding what “active” means in real estate is crucial for both buyers and sellers, as it directly impacts their ability to engage in transactions. In this article, we will delve into the concept of “active” in real estate, exploring its various aspects and implications.

Active Listings

Definition: In real estate, an active listing refers to a property that is currently on the market and available for sale or lease. When a property is listed as active, it means that it is actively being marketed, and potential buyers or tenants can express their interest and make offers.

Significance for Buyers: For buyers, active listings are the primary source of available properties. By searching for active listings, buyers can explore the market, evaluate different options, and identify properties that meet their criteria. Active listings provide crucial information such as property details, pricing, and contact information for the listing agent or broker.

Significance for Sellers: For sellers, having an active listing is essential to attract potential buyers. By listing their property as active, sellers increase its visibility and reach a wider audience. Active listings allow sellers to showcase their property’s features, highlight its selling points, and ultimately find interested buyers.

Types of Active Listings

Active for Sale: This type of active listing indicates that the property is available for purchase. It could be a residential property, commercial property, or land. Active for sale listings provide buyers with the opportunity to explore properties that are on the market and make offers accordingly.

Active for Lease: Active for lease listings signify that the property is available for rent. This category includes residential properties for rent, commercial spaces for lease, and other rental properties. Active for lease listings enable tenants to find suitable rental options and negotiate lease terms with the property owner or manager.

Active vs. Pending

Active Listings: As mentioned earlier, active listings are properties that are currently available for sale or lease. They are actively being marketed, and interested parties can engage with the listing to express their interest or make offers.

Pending Listings: On the other hand, pending listings are those that have received an offer and are in the process of finalizing the transaction. When a property is marked as pending, it means that the seller has accepted an offer, and the deal is in progress. However, the sale or lease is not yet complete, and the property may still be available if the deal falls through.

It is important to note that the status of a listing can change from active to pending, indicating that an offer has been accepted, or from pending to active if the deal falls through. These transitions reflect the dynamic nature of the real estate market.


Understanding what “active” means in real estate is crucial for both buyers and sellers. Active listings represent properties that are currently available for sale or lease, providing buyers with a range of options to explore and sellers with the opportunity to attract potential buyers. Differentiating between active and pending listings is also important, as it indicates the stage of a transaction. By comprehending these concepts, individuals can navigate the real estate market more effectively.


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