Where is hot rod garage filmed?

Where is hot rod garage filmed?


Hot Rod Garage is a popular automotive show that caters to car enthusiasts and gearheads. Hosted by Tony Angelo and Lucky Costa, the show features a variety of custom builds, modifications, and repairs. One question that fans often ask is: where is Hot Rod Garage filmed? In this article, we will dive deeper into the location of the show and provide some insights into the filming process.

The Location: Lucky’s Garage

Hot Rod Garage is primarily filmed at a location known as Lucky’s Garage. Lucky Costa, one of the show’s hosts, owns and operates this garage. Located in Southern California, Lucky’s Garage serves as the perfect backdrop for the show’s automotive projects. The spacious facility provides ample room for the hosts to work on various cars, trucks, and motorcycles.

Filming Process

The filming of Hot Rod Garage involves a meticulous process to ensure high-quality content for viewers. The production team sets up multiple cameras and lighting equipment to capture every detail of the builds and repairs. The hosts, Tony and Lucky, explain their plans, showcase the necessary tools and parts, and demonstrate the step-by-step process of transforming a vehicle.

The filming crew works closely with the hosts, capturing different angles and perspectives to create an engaging viewing experience. The footage is later edited to highlight the most crucial moments and provide a cohesive narrative for each episode.

Additional Filming Locations

While Lucky’s Garage serves as the primary location for Hot Rod Garage, the show occasionally ventures outside for special episodes or unique projects. These additional filming locations add variety and excitement to the show.

Sometimes, the hosts visit other garages, workshops, or automotive events to collaborate with fellow car enthusiasts or showcase specific aspects of the automotive world. These on-location shoots offer a different atmosphere and allow the hosts to explore different perspectives and techniques.


Hot Rod Garage is primarily filmed at Lucky’s Garage in Southern California. This spacious facility owned by Lucky Costa provides an ideal setting for the show’s automotive projects. The filming process involves a dedicated production team capturing every detail of the builds and repairs. Occasionally, the show ventures outside of Lucky’s Garage to film special episodes or collaborate with other car enthusiasts.


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