Who is leaving gas monkey garage 2015?

Who is leaving gas monkey garage 2015?


In 2015, Gas Monkey Garage, the popular automotive restoration shop and television show, experienced some changes in its lineup. Several members of the Gas Monkey Garage team decided to leave the garage, leading to speculation and curiosity among fans. This article aims to delve into the departures that occurred at Gas Monkey Garage in 2015 and shed light on the reasons behind these changes.

Departures from Gas Monkey Garage

Richard Rawlings: Richard Rawlings, the founder of Gas Monkey Garage and the face of the television show “Fast N’ Loud,” remained a key figure at the garage in 2015. Despite the departure of some team members, Rawlings continued to lead the operations and oversee the projects.

Aaron Kaufman: One of the most notable departures from Gas Monkey Garage in 2015 was Aaron Kaufman. As a skilled mechanic and fabricator, Kaufman played a crucial role in the success of Gas Monkey Garage and became a fan favorite through his appearances on “Fast N’ Loud.” However, in early 2015, Kaufman announced his decision to leave the garage to pursue new opportunities and explore his own ventures. This departure came as a surprise to many fans, as Kaufman had been an integral part of the show since its inception.

Tom Smith: Tom Smith, also known as “Tommy,” was another member of the Gas Monkey Garage team who left in 2015. Smith had been with the garage for several years and had gained popularity among viewers for his charismatic personality and mechanical skills. However, the reasons behind Smith’s departure were not explicitly stated, leaving fans speculating about the circumstances surrounding his exit.

Reasons for Departures

Aaron Kaufman: Aaron Kaufman’s departure from Gas Monkey Garage was primarily driven by his desire to explore new opportunities and challenge himself outside the confines of the garage. Kaufman expressed his need for personal growth and the pursuit of his own projects, which led him to part ways with Gas Monkey Garage. Although his departure was a loss for the garage and the show, Kaufman’s decision allowed him to establish his own identity and showcase his talents in different ways.

Tom Smith: Unlike Aaron Kaufman, the reasons behind Tom Smith’s departure from Gas Monkey Garage were not publicly disclosed. This lack of information led to various speculations among fans, ranging from creative differences to personal reasons. However, without any official statements, it is challenging to determine the precise cause of Smith’s exit.


In 2015, Gas Monkey Garage experienced significant departures, notably including Aaron Kaufman and Tom Smith. While Kaufman left to pursue new opportunities and personal growth, Smith’s departure remains shrouded in mystery. These changes in the lineup of Gas Monkey Garage brought about a shift in dynamics and left fans curious about the future of the popular automotive restoration shop.


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