How to keep furniture from sliding on wood floors?

How to keep furniture from sliding on wood floors?


Keeping furniture from sliding on wood floors can be a frustrating problem for many homeowners. Whether it’s a chair that constantly moves when you sit down or a table that slides across the room with the slightest touch, the issue can be both annoying and potentially damaging to your floors. In this article, we will explore various methods and solutions to help you keep your furniture in place on wood floors.

Furniture Pads

Materials used: Furniture pads, also known as felt pads or furniture sliders, are small adhesive pads or discs made from materials like felt, rubber, or plastic.

Furniture pads are an effective and affordable solution to prevent furniture from sliding on wood floors. These pads can be easily attached to the bottom of furniture legs or corners, creating a soft barrier between the furniture and the floor. The pads provide traction and reduce friction, making it harder for the furniture to slide.

When using furniture pads, it’s essential to choose the right size and type for your furniture. Felt pads are ideal for chairs, tables, and other lightweight furniture, while rubber or plastic pads are better suited for heavier items like sofas or beds.

Rubber Grippers

Materials used: Rubber grippers, also known as rubber stoppers or rubber feet, are small rubber pieces that can be attached to the bottom of furniture legs.

Rubber grippers are another effective solution for preventing furniture from sliding on wood floors. These grippers have a textured surface that provides excellent grip and prevents furniture from moving. They are particularly useful for chairs and tables that are frequently moved or used on slippery surfaces.

To use rubber grippers, simply attach them to the bottom of the furniture legs. Make sure to clean the surface of the legs before applying the grippers to ensure a secure bond. Additionally, check the grippers regularly to ensure they are still in place and replace them if they become worn or damaged.

Rug Grippers

Materials used: Rug grippers, also known as rug pads or carpet tape, are adhesive strips or pads designed to keep rugs in place.

If you have an area rug on your wood floor, using rug grippers can help prevent both the rug and the furniture on top of it from sliding. Rug grippers are typically made from a combination of adhesive materials and rubber or felt. They can be easily attached to the underside of the rug, providing a non-slip surface that keeps the rug in place.

To use rug grippers, clean the floor and the underside of the rug thoroughly. Then, place the grippers evenly along the edges or corners of the rug. Make sure to press the grippers firmly to ensure a secure bond. This will not only prevent the rug from sliding but also keep the furniture on top of it stable.


Keeping furniture from sliding on wood floors is essential to maintain the integrity of both your furniture and your floors. By using furniture pads, rubber grippers, and rug grippers, you can effectively prevent furniture from sliding and protect your wood floors from scratches and damage.

Remember to choose the right materials for your furniture and regularly check and replace any worn or damaged pads or grippers. With these simple solutions, you can enjoy a stable and secure furniture arrangement on your wood floors.


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