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4 Reasons Why You Must Visit Palermo this Summer

Italy is one of the top spring and summer destinations in Europe and in the whole world. It doesn’t come as a surprise because many tourists visit the country again and again, as they cannot get enough of it. The outstanding landscapes and the grandeur of the Italian culture and lifestyle make everyone want to come back.

One of the cities that people are obsessed with is Palermo. Palermo is the capital of Sicily. Once you’ve seen just a bit of the city, it is hard to forget it. You may think that we are exaggerating, but you will find the main four reasons why we think that Palermo is always the perfect summer destination.

Reason 1: The history

The story of the city begins in 734 BC and it is full of wars and attacks as many powerful people at the time, like the Carthaginians and the Greeks, tried to occupy it. Evidence of its progression and its changes over the centuries can be spotted everywhere. Of course, there are many museums in the city that allow visitors to see snippets of life in different eras. What is more impressive however is the fact that people can wander around Palermo and see all the palaces, the grand buildings, the historical squares and the monuments that were built during a wide range of dates but they are still part of today’s life in the city.

Reason 2: Beautiful beaches

Palermo’s inland is magnificent for sure. Its beaches are equally beautiful. You should not miss your chance to swim in crystal blue, Mediterranean waters. By hiring a car with Enjoy Travel during your trip to Palermo, you can be certain that you are in possession of a trustworthy car that will take you to the best beaches in the area safely and conveniently. Which beaches should you visit? Mondello is one of the locals’ and tourists’ favourite beaches because it’s close to the city and it offers spectacular sights with its white sand and blue waters. Addaura is another popular beach where you can enjoy both the beauty of the sea and the excellent services of bars in the beach area.

Reason 3: Churches

Regardless of your religious beliefs, you must visit at least a few of the churches in Palermo. There is a plethora of Catholic churches that will leave you speechless. One of the oldest churches is San Giovanni degli Eremiti, which is known for its red dome as it was inspired by Arab culture. For something a bit more modern, you can go to the Church of the Gesù, which was built in the Sicilian Baroque style in 1584.

Reason 4: Food

While you are roaming the streets of Palermo, you should stop at a street food truck and try some of their specialities. You should try Arancini, a deep-fried rice ball filled with mozzarella, ham and many other options, and stigghiola, which is chunks of seasoned goat or sheep guts. Sicilian cuisine is famous for its delicious dishes, so you should take advantage of your holidays in Palermo and taste as many dishes as possible.

Remember Your Trip

There are multiple ways you can remember such an epic and cultural trip. Some people purchase souvenirs, whereas others take a huge amount of photos. If you’re one of the latter, you need to be able to remember your trip in the best possible way. It’s why you should invest in a quality travel photo book that can showcase the pictures in top-level quality. Do this, and you’ll always be able to flick through it and remember the happy times you had in Palermo. You can do this with every one of your city breaks or trips to create an impressive photo book collection.