Why is my lg refrigerator not making ice?

Why is my lg refrigerator not making ice?


If you’re experiencing issues with your LG refrigerator not making ice, it can be frustrating and inconvenient. Ice makers are a convenient feature that many homeowners rely on, so when they stop working, it’s important to understand the potential causes. In this article, we will explore some common reasons why your LG refrigerator may not be making ice and provide possible solutions to help you troubleshoot the problem.

Water Supply Issues

Water Filter: One possible reason for your LG refrigerator not making ice is a clogged or overdue water filter. LG refrigerators typically have a water filter that removes impurities from the water before it enters the ice maker. Over time, the filter can become clogged, reducing water flow and preventing ice production. Check the filter and replace it if necessary, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Water Line: Another potential issue is a blocked or frozen water line. If the water line leading to the ice maker is obstructed, it can prevent water from reaching the ice maker. Inspect the water line for any kinks, bends, or obstructions. If you find any issues, straighten the line or remove the blockage carefully. Additionally, check if the water line is frozen. If it is, you may need to thaw it by turning off the refrigerator and allowing it to defrost.

Temperature Settings

Freezer Temperature: The temperature in the freezer compartment plays a crucial role in ice production. If the freezer temperature is too high, it can prevent the ice maker from functioning correctly. Ensure that the freezer temperature is set to the recommended level, typically between 0 and 5 degrees Fahrenheit (-18 to -15 degrees Celsius). Adjust the temperature accordingly and give the refrigerator some time to reach the desired temperature.

Ice Maker Temperature: Additionally, check the temperature of the ice maker itself. Some LG refrigerators have a separate temperature setting for the ice maker. If the ice maker temperature is too high, it can hinder ice production. Consult your refrigerator’s user manual to locate and adjust the ice maker temperature setting.

Ice Maker Components

Ice Maker Switch: It’s essential to ensure that the ice maker switch is turned on. Locate the ice maker switch, usually located on the side or front of the ice maker, and make sure it is in the “on” position. If the switch is already on, try turning it off and then back on to reset the ice maker.

Ice Maker Assembly: The ice maker assembly itself may be faulty or damaged. Inspect the ice maker for any visible signs of damage or malfunction. If you notice any issues, it may be necessary to replace the ice maker assembly. Consult a professional technician or refer to the refrigerator’s user manual for guidance on replacing the ice maker assembly.


When your LG refrigerator is not making ice, it can be due to various reasons, including water supply issues, temperature settings, or faulty ice maker components. By troubleshooting these potential causes, you can often resolve the problem and restore ice production. Remember to consult your refrigerator’s user manual for specific instructions and, if needed, seek assistance from a professional technician.


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