Savage why you got a 12 car garage lyrics?

Savage why you got a 12 car garage lyrics?


The lyrics “savage why you got a 12 car garage” have become a popular phrase in contemporary music and internet culture. This article will explore the meaning behind these lyrics and their significance within the context of the song they originate from. We will delve into the lyrics’ interpretation, the artist’s intentions, and the broader cultural implications they carry.

The Lyrics: A Closer Look

The lyrics in question come from the song “Rockstar” by Post Malone featuring 21 Savage. The specific line goes, “Savage, why you got a 12 car garage when you only got 6 cars?” At first glance, the lyrics may seem puzzling or nonsensical. However, they hold deeper meaning and can be interpreted in various ways.

Materialistic Culture: One interpretation of these lyrics is that they critique materialistic culture. The mention of a 12 car garage implies excessive wealth and possessions. By questioning why someone would need such a large garage for only six cars, the lyrics highlight the absurdity of accumulating more than necessary. This can be seen as a commentary on the consumerist mindset prevalent in society.

Irony and Satire: Another perspective is that the lyrics employ irony and satire. The mention of 12 car garages and only six cars may be intentionally exaggerated to create a humorous effect. It serves as a critique of those who flaunt their wealth and possessions without practical justification. By pointing out this incongruity, the lyrics challenge societal norms and expectations.

Artistic Expression: It’s important to note that lyrics in music often prioritize artistic expression over literal meaning. The lyrics may not necessarily have a straightforward explanation but instead aim to evoke emotions, create imagery, or contribute to the overall theme of the song. In this case, the lyrics may simply be a catchy phrase that adds to the song’s rebellious and extravagant atmosphere.

21 Savage’s Perspective

To gain a better understanding of the lyrics, it’s valuable to consider the artist’s perspective. 21 Savage, known for his gritty and introspective style, often incorporates themes of wealth, violence, and survival in his music. While he hasn’t explicitly explained the meaning behind the lyrics, it aligns with his overall artistic persona.

21 Savage grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, and has spoken about his experiences with poverty, violence, and the pursuit of success. The lyrics in question could be seen as a reflection of his journey from humble beginnings to achieving financial success. They may also symbolize the contradictions and complexities of his newfound fame and fortune.

Broader Cultural Implications

The lyrics “savage why you got a 12 car garage” have gained popularity beyond the context of the song. They have become a meme and catchphrase, often used humorously or ironically in various online communities. This demonstrates the impact of music and how lyrics can transcend their original meaning to become cultural references.

The popularity of these lyrics also highlights society’s fascination with wealth and material possessions. It prompts discussions about consumerism, the pursuit of status, and the values we prioritize as a culture. By questioning the necessity of a 12 car garage, the lyrics challenge our perceptions of success and what it means to “have it all.”


In conclusion, the lyrics “savage why you got a 12 car garage” from the song “Rockstar” by Post Malone featuring 21 Savage hold multiple interpretations. They can be seen as a critique of materialistic culture, an employment of irony and satire, or simply a catchy phrase contributing to the song’s artistic expression. The broader cultural implications of these lyrics involve discussions about wealth, consumerism, and societal values.