Who owns gotham garage?

Who owns gotham garage?


Gotham Garage is a popular automotive customization shop that gained widespread recognition through the reality TV show “Gotham Garage” on the streaming platform Netflix. The show follows the team at Gotham Garage as they transform classic cars into unique and extravagant creations. However, when it comes to determining who owns Gotham Garage, the answer is not as straightforward as one might expect.

The Origins of Gotham Garage

Gotham Garage was founded by Mark Towle, a skilled automotive enthusiast and custom car builder. Towle established the garage in 2003 and quickly gained a reputation for his innovative designs and attention to detail. His passion for cars and creativity led him to create some truly remarkable vehicles, which ultimately caught the attention of television producers.

Mark Towle’s Ownership

For many years, Mark Towle was the sole owner of Gotham Garage. As the face of the business, he showcased his talent and expertise on the Netflix show, which further contributed to the garage’s popularity. Towle’s ownership of the garage allowed him to make decisions regarding the direction of the business and the projects undertaken.

In recent years, Gotham Garage has been involved in legal disputes surrounding copyright infringement claims. Some of the custom vehicles created by Towle and his team were inspired by famous movie cars, such as the Batmobile from the Batman franchise. These designs led to legal battles with the copyright holders of the original vehicles.

As a result of these legal disputes, Mark Towle faced significant financial challenges and was forced to file for bankruptcy. The ownership of Gotham Garage was subsequently transferred to a new entity to settle the debts owed. This change in ownership meant that Towle no longer had control over the garage and its operations.

Current Ownership

The current ownership of Gotham Garage is not publicly disclosed, and it is unclear who exactly owns the business. After the transfer of ownership due to bankruptcy, the new entity or individual in control has chosen to remain anonymous. This lack of transparency has left fans and enthusiasts curious about the current direction and management of Gotham Garage.


In conclusion, the ownership of Gotham Garage has undergone significant changes in recent years. While Mark Towle was the original founder and owner, legal disputes and financial challenges led to a change in ownership. The current owner or entity in control of Gotham Garage remains undisclosed, leaving fans and followers of the show with unanswered questions.


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