How to unlock benny's garage?

How to unlock benny’s garage?


Benny’s Garage is a popular location in the Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) video game that allows players to customize and modify their vehicles. Unlocking Benny’s Garage provides players with access to a range of unique customization options and upgrades. In this article, we will explore how to unlock Benny’s Garage and make the most of this exciting feature.

Unlocking Benny’s Garage

To unlock Benny’s Garage in GTA V, players need to complete a specific mission called “Benny’s Original Motor Works.” This mission becomes available after completing the “Friends Reunited” mission in the main storyline. Once “Friends Reunited” is completed, players will receive a text message from Lamar Davis, one of the game’s characters, inviting them to visit Benny’s Garage.

Visiting Benny’s Garage

To visit Benny’s Garage, players need to head to the location in the game world. Benny’s Garage is situated in the Strawberry area of Los Santos, near the intersection of Strawberry Avenue and Capital Boulevard. On the in-game map, it is represented by a wrench icon.

Upon arrival at Benny’s Garage, players will find a large workshop with various vehicles and customization options available. The garage specializes in lowrider vehicles, offering a wide range of customization options specifically tailored to these types of cars.

Customizing Vehicles at Benny’s Garage

Once players have unlocked Benny’s Garage, they can customize their vehicles in a variety of ways. Some of the customization options available include:

Hydraulics: Players can install hydraulics in their vehicles, allowing them to control the height and movement of the car. This feature is particularly popular in lowrider vehicles.

Engine Upgrades: Benny’s Garage offers a range of engine upgrades, allowing players to enhance their vehicle’s performance and speed.

Visual Modifications: Players can change the appearance of their vehicles by adding new body kits, spoilers, exhausts, and other visual enhancements.

Interior Customization: Benny’s Garage also provides options for customizing the interior of vehicles, including new seats, steering wheels, and audio systems.


Unlocking Benny’s Garage in GTA V opens up a world of vehicle customization possibilities. By completing the “Benny’s Original Motor Works” mission, players gain access to a range of unique customization options and upgrades for their vehicles. Whether it’s hydraulics, engine upgrades, or visual modifications, Benny’s Garage offers a comprehensive customization experience for players to enjoy.


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