How to break in a mattress?

How to break in a mattress?


Breaking in a new mattress can be a crucial step in ensuring optimal comfort and longevity. While mattresses are designed to provide support and comfort, they often require a period of adjustment to reach their full potential. In this article, we will explore various methods and techniques to effectively break in a mattress, allowing you to enjoy a restful night’s sleep.

Why Break In a Mattress?

Understanding the Need: Breaking in a mattress helps to soften the materials, allowing them to conform to your body shape and sleep preferences. This process can improve the overall comfort of the mattress, making it more supportive and reducing the likelihood of discomfort or pain.

Methods to Break In a Mattress

1. Give it Time: The simplest and most natural way to break in a mattress is to allow it time to adjust. Most mattresses will require a minimum of 30 days to fully break in. During this period, sleep on the mattress regularly to help expedite the process.

2. Rotate and Flip: Rotating and flipping the mattress can help distribute your body weight evenly, preventing excessive wear on specific areas. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for rotating and flipping, as some mattresses are designed to be one-sided.

3. Apply Pressure: Applying pressure to specific areas of the mattress can help break in the materials more quickly. You can do this by walking or crawling on the mattress, focusing on the areas that feel firmer or less comfortable.

4. Use a Mattress Topper: Adding a mattress topper can provide an extra layer of cushioning and help break in the mattress more gradually. Choose a topper that suits your comfort preferences, such as memory foam or latex, and ensure it is compatible with your mattress.

Additional Tips

1. Avoid Excessive Force: While it is important to break in your mattress, avoid using excessive force or jumping on it. This can cause damage to the mattress and void any warranty or return policies.

2. Keep it Clean: Regularly clean your mattress to remove any dirt, dust, or stains. A clean mattress not only promotes better hygiene but also helps maintain its quality and comfort.

3. Follow Manufacturer’s Instructions: Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines for breaking in your specific mattress model. Different mattresses may have unique requirements, and following these instructions will ensure you do not inadvertently damage the mattress.


Breaking in a mattress is a necessary process to enhance its comfort and longevity. By allowing time for adjustment, rotating and flipping, applying pressure, and using a mattress topper, you can effectively break in your mattress and enjoy a restful night’s sleep. Remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and avoid excessive force to ensure the best results.


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