How to seal garage door bottom?

How to seal garage door bottom?


When it comes to sealing a garage door, paying attention to the bottom is crucial. A properly sealed garage door bottom helps to keep out drafts, pests, and debris, while also improving energy efficiency. In this article, we will explore various methods and materials that can be used to seal a garage door bottom effectively.


Materials used: Weatherstripping is available in different materials such as rubber, vinyl, or brush. The choice of material depends on factors like climate, durability, and personal preference.

Installation process: To install weatherstripping on the bottom of a garage door, start by measuring the width of the door. Cut the weatherstripping material to the appropriate length and attach it to the bottom of the door using adhesive or screws. Make sure the weatherstripping creates a tight seal when the door is closed, but still allows for smooth opening and closing.

Threshold Seal

Materials used: A threshold seal is typically made of durable materials like rubber or vinyl. It is designed to withstand heavy foot traffic and vehicle weight.

Installation process: To install a threshold seal, clean the garage floor thoroughly and ensure it is dry. Cut the threshold seal to the width of the garage door opening and position it at the bottom, making sure it aligns with the door when closed. Secure the threshold seal in place using adhesive or screws. Test the door to ensure it closes smoothly over the threshold seal.

Bottom Seal Retainer

Materials used: A bottom seal retainer is usually made of aluminum or PVC, providing a sturdy structure to hold the seal in place.

Installation process: Start by removing the existing bottom seal if there is one. Measure the width of the garage door and cut the bottom seal retainer to the appropriate length. Attach the retainer to the bottom of the door using screws or nails. Insert the bottom seal into the retainer, ensuring it is snug and creates a proper seal when the door is closed.


Sealing the bottom of a garage door is essential for maintaining a comfortable and secure garage space. Weatherstripping, threshold seals, and bottom seal retainers are all effective methods to achieve this. By choosing the right materials and following the installation process carefully, you can ensure a well-sealed garage door that keeps out unwanted elements.