How to get furniture in animal crossing?

How to get furniture in animal crossing?


In Animal Crossing, furniture plays a crucial role in creating a personalized and aesthetically pleasing island. From cozy sofas to elegant tables, there are numerous ways to acquire furniture items to decorate your virtual home. This article will guide you through various methods and strategies on how to get furniture in Animal Crossing.

Purchasing from Nook’s Cranny

One of the primary ways to obtain furniture is by visiting Nook’s Cranny, the local shop on your island. Nook’s Cranny offers a rotating selection of furniture items each day. You can find a variety of pieces, including chairs, beds, tables, and more. Keep checking the store daily to discover new furniture options and add them to your collection.

Customizing Furniture

Animal Crossing also allows you to customize certain furniture items to match your style and preferences. By using DIY recipes and crafting materials, you can transform basic furniture into unique pieces. Look out for DIY recipes in bottles on the beach, gifted by villagers, or found in balloons floating across the island. Once you have the recipe, gather the required materials and use a workbench to craft your customized furniture.

Trading with Villagers

Interacting with your fellow animal villagers can be a great way to acquire new furniture. They often have items they are willing to trade or sell. Engage in conversations with your villagers regularly to build a rapport and increase the likelihood of them offering you furniture. You can also visit their homes and request to purchase or trade for specific items they have on display.

Participating in Events and Special Occasions

Animal Crossing frequently hosts special events and seasonal celebrations that offer exclusive furniture items. These events can range from fishing tournaments to holiday-themed festivities. Participating in these events and completing specific tasks or challenges will reward you with unique furniture pieces. Keep an eye on the in-game announcements and calendar to stay updated on upcoming events.

Mystery Islands and Tours

Using Nook Miles Tickets, you can visit mystery islands and embark on island tours. These islands often have unique furniture items hidden in trees, buried in the ground, or available for purchase from the visiting vendor. Explore these mystery islands thoroughly to find hidden treasures and expand your furniture collection.

Trading with Other Players

If you’re looking for specific furniture items or want to diversify your collection, consider trading with other players. Animal Crossing has a vibrant online community where players can connect and exchange furniture. You can visit other players’ islands or invite them to yours to trade furniture items. Online forums, social media groups, and dedicated Animal Crossing communities are excellent platforms to find fellow players interested in trading.


Acquiring furniture in Animal Crossing is an exciting and rewarding experience. Whether you’re browsing Nook’s Cranny, customizing DIY furniture, or trading with villagers and other players, there are numerous ways to expand your furniture collection and create a unique island aesthetic. Embrace the various methods available and enjoy the process of curating your virtual home.


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