How to close a garage door manually?

How to close a garage door manually?


Closing a garage door manually is a useful skill to have in case of power outages or mechanical failures. Knowing how to manually close a garage door can save you from being locked out or leaving your garage vulnerable to unauthorized access. In this article, we will guide you through the steps of closing a garage door manually, ensuring that you can handle this task confidently and safely.

Step 1: Disconnect the Garage Door Opener

Before attempting to close the garage door manually, it is essential to disconnect the garage door opener from the power source. This step ensures that the door doesn’t accidentally activate while you are manually closing it. Locate the power cord of the garage door opener and unplug it from the electrical outlet.

Step 2: Identify the Emergency Release Cord

Next, you need to locate the emergency release cord. This cord is usually red and hangs from the center rail of the garage door opener. It is connected to the trolley that moves along the rail when the door is operated automatically. Pulling this cord will disengage the garage door from the opener, allowing you to manually close it.

Step 3: Pull the Emergency Release Cord

Once you have identified the emergency release cord, firmly pull it down towards the ground. This action will release the garage door from the opener’s trolley, allowing you to manually operate the door. You may hear a clicking sound as the release mechanism disengages.

Step 4: Manually Close the Garage Door

With the emergency release cord pulled, you can now manually close the garage door. Stand inside the garage and grip the door with both hands, near the bottom. Lift the door smoothly and steadily, using your legs to provide the necessary strength. Be cautious of the door’s weight and avoid straining yourself. Lower the door gently until it reaches the closed position.

Step 5: Reconnect the Garage Door Opener

After manually closing the garage door, it is important to reconnect the garage door opener. This step ensures that the door can be operated automatically when power is restored or when you need to use the opener again. Simply lift the door slightly to align the trolley with the opener’s carriage, and then release the emergency release cord. The trolley should re-engage with the opener, allowing normal operation.


Knowing how to close a garage door manually is a valuable skill that can come in handy during power outages or when the garage door opener malfunctions. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can safely and effectively close your garage door manually. Remember to always disconnect the opener, locate and pull the emergency release cord, manually close the door, and then reconnect the opener when you are finished.


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