How to change air filter on lg refrigerator?

How to change air filter on lg refrigerator?


Changing the air filter on your LG refrigerator is an essential maintenance task that helps ensure the appliance continues to function efficiently. The air filter plays a crucial role in maintaining the quality of the air inside the refrigerator, preventing odors and keeping your food fresh. In this article, we will guide you through the process of changing the air filter on an LG refrigerator, providing step-by-step instructions to help you complete the task successfully.

Step 1: Identify the air filter location

Locating the air filter: The air filter in an LG refrigerator is typically located inside the refrigerator compartment. It may be situated in the upper left corner, behind a cover or panel. Consult your refrigerator’s user manual to find the exact location of the air filter in your specific model.

Step 2: Remove the old air filter

Open the refrigerator door: Start by opening the refrigerator door to access the air filter compartment.

Remove the cover or panel: If there is a cover or panel in front of the air filter, carefully remove it. This may involve unscrewing a few screws or gently pulling the cover off, depending on your refrigerator model.

Take out the old air filter: Once the cover or panel is removed, you will see the old air filter. Grasp it firmly and pull it out of its housing. Take note of the orientation of the filter for proper installation of the new one.

Step 3: Install the new air filter

Unpack the new air filter: Remove the new air filter from its packaging. It is recommended to keep the filter in its packaging until you are ready to install it to prevent any contamination.

Insert the new air filter: Align the new air filter with the housing, making sure it matches the orientation of the old filter. Gently push the filter into place until it is fully seated.

Step 4: Replace the cover or panel

Reattach the cover or panel: If you removed a cover or panel in Step 2, now is the time to put it back in place. Align it properly and secure it by tightening any screws or snapping it into position.

Step 5: Reset the air filter indicator

Resetting the indicator: Some LG refrigerators have an air filter indicator that reminds you when it’s time to change the filter. After replacing the air filter, consult your refrigerator’s user manual to learn how to reset the indicator. This step is important to ensure accurate monitoring of the filter’s lifespan.


Regularly changing the air filter in your LG refrigerator is crucial for maintaining optimal performance and preserving the quality of your food. By following the step-by-step instructions provided in this article, you can easily replace the air filter and ensure that your refrigerator continues to provide fresh and odor-free air.


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