How to break in tempurpedic mattress?

How to break in tempurpedic mattress?


Breaking in a Tempurpedic mattress is essential to ensure optimal comfort and performance. Tempurpedic mattresses are known for their high-quality memory foam that conforms to the body, providing excellent support. However, new mattresses can feel firm initially, requiring a break-in period to achieve the desired comfort level. In this article, we will explore effective methods to break in a Tempurpedic mattress and enhance your sleeping experience.

Why Break In a Tempurpedic Mattress?

Tempurpedic mattresses are made from viscoelastic foam, which is sensitive to temperature and pressure. When you first receive a new Tempurpedic mattress, it may feel firmer than expected. Breaking in the mattress helps the foam adjust to your body’s contours, allowing it to soften and provide better support.

Methods to Break In a Tempurpedic Mattress

1. Patience and Time: The simplest and most effective way to break in a Tempurpedic mattress is to be patient and allow it to naturally adjust over time. Memory foam mattresses typically take a few weeks to a couple of months to fully break in. During this period, the foam will gradually soften and conform to your body shape.

2. Regular Use: Regularly using the mattress can help expedite the break-in process. Sleeping on the mattress every night will apply consistent pressure, allowing the foam to adjust more quickly. Avoid using the mattress only occasionally, as this can prolong the break-in period.

3. Walk on the Mattress: Walking on the mattress can help accelerate the break-in process. Gently walk across the surface of the mattress, distributing your weight evenly. This action helps the foam compress and conform to your body shape.

4. Apply Heat: Applying heat to the mattress can soften the foam and speed up the break-in process. You can use a heating pad or electric blanket to warm up the mattress before use. However, ensure the heat is not excessive, as high temperatures can damage the foam.

5. Massage the Mattress: Massaging the mattress can help break up any stiffness in the foam and promote better conformity. Use your hands or a soft cloth to apply gentle pressure in circular motions. This technique helps the foam relax and conform to your body.

Additional Tips

– Rotate the mattress regularly to ensure even wear and break-in.
– Use a mattress topper to add an extra layer of softness and comfort.
– Avoid jumping or standing on the mattress, as this can damage the foam.
– Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance and care to prolong the lifespan of your mattress.


Breaking in a Tempurpedic mattress is crucial to achieve the desired comfort and support. By being patient, regularly using the mattress, applying heat, and massaging the foam, you can expedite the break-in process. Remember to follow additional tips, such as rotating the mattress and using a mattress topper, to enhance your overall sleeping experience.