How to clean suede steering wheel?

How to clean suede steering wheel?


Cleaning a suede steering wheel can be a daunting task, as suede is a delicate material that requires special care. However, with the right techniques and materials, you can effectively clean your suede steering wheel and restore its original beauty. In this article, we will guide you through the process of cleaning a suede steering wheel, providing you with step-by-step instructions and helpful tips.

Gather the necessary materials

Before you begin cleaning your suede steering wheel, it’s important to gather the necessary materials. Here are the items you will need:

Materials used:
– Soft-bristled brush
– Suede cleaner or mild soap
– Microfiber cloth
– Distilled water
– Suede protector spray


Start by removing any loose dirt or debris from the suede steering wheel. Use a soft-bristled brush to gently brush the surface, removing any surface dirt. Be careful not to apply too much pressure, as this can damage the suede.

Cleaning the suede steering wheel

To clean the suede steering wheel, you can use a suede cleaner specifically designed for suede materials. Alternatively, you can use a mild soap mixed with distilled water. Here’s how to proceed:

1. Dampen a microfiber cloth with the suede cleaner or the mild soap solution.
2. Gently rub the damp cloth onto the suede steering wheel in a circular motion. Be sure to cover the entire surface.
3. Avoid using excessive water or soaking the suede, as this can cause damage.
4. Once you have cleaned the entire steering wheel, use a clean, damp microfiber cloth to wipe away any excess cleaner or soap residue.
5. Allow the steering wheel to air dry naturally. Avoid using heat sources such as hairdryers, as they can damage the suede.

Protecting the suede steering wheel

After cleaning the suede steering wheel, it is essential to protect it from future stains and damage. To do this, you can use a suede protector spray. Here’s how:

1. Shake the suede protector spray well before use.
2. Hold the spray can approximately 6-8 inches away from the steering wheel.
3. Spray a light, even coat of the protector onto the suede surface.
4. Allow the protector to dry completely before using the steering wheel.

Tips for maintaining a suede steering wheel

To keep your suede steering wheel looking its best, here are some additional tips:

– Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners on the suede.
– Clean any spills or stains on the steering wheel as soon as possible to prevent them from setting in.
– Regularly brush the suede surface with a soft-bristled brush to remove any surface dirt or dust.
– Avoid exposing the suede steering wheel to direct sunlight for extended periods, as this can cause fading and damage.


Cleaning a suede steering wheel requires gentle care and the right materials. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can effectively clean your suede steering wheel and maintain its original beauty. Remember to gather the necessary materials, prepare the surface, clean with care, and protect the suede from future damage. With regular maintenance, your suede steering wheel will continue to look and feel luxurious.


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