How to check a car seat at the airport?

How to check a car seat at the airport?


When traveling with young children, it is essential to ensure their safety, even during air travel. One crucial aspect of child safety is the proper use of car seats. If you plan to use a car seat at your destination, you may wonder how to check a car seat at the airport. In this article, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to check a car seat at the airport, ensuring your child’s safety and convenience.

Step 1: Research Airline Policies

Research airline policies: Start by checking the specific policies of the airline you will be flying with. Each airline may have different rules and regulations regarding checking car seats. Visit the airline’s official website or contact their customer service to gather information about their policies and any specific requirements.

Step 2: Prepare the Car Seat

Prepare the car seat: Before heading to the airport, make sure your car seat is clean and in good condition. Remove any loose items or accessories attached to the car seat, such as cup holders or toys. Ensure that the car seat is securely installed in your vehicle, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 3: Choose a Suitable Bag or Cover

Choose a suitable bag or cover: To protect your car seat during transportation, consider using a bag or cover specifically designed for car seats. These bags provide padding and prevent damage to the car seat during handling and storage. Look for a bag that is durable, well-padded, and easy to carry.

Step 4: Label the Car Seat

Label the car seat: Attach a clear and visible label to your car seat with your name, contact information, and flight details. This will help airline staff identify your car seat and ensure it is correctly handled and delivered to you at your destination.

Step 5: Check the Car Seat at the Airport

Check the car seat at the airport: When you arrive at the airport, proceed to the airline’s check-in counter or designated area for oversized items. Inform the airline staff that you would like to check your car seat. They will guide you through the process and provide any necessary tags or documentation.

Step 6: Gate Check or Check at the Counter

Gate check or check at the counter: Depending on the airline’s policies and your preference, you may have the option to gate check your car seat or check it at the counter. Gate checking allows you to use the car seat until you reach the boarding gate, where it will be collected and stored in the aircraft’s cargo hold. If you choose to check the car seat at the counter, it will be taken from you during the check-in process and stored with other checked luggage.

Step 7: Ensure Proper Handling

Ensure proper handling: Regardless of whether you gate check or check the car seat at the counter, it is crucial to ensure that it is handled properly. Request that the car seat be treated as a fragile item and properly secured during transportation. If you have any concerns, politely communicate them to the airline staff.


Checking a car seat at the airport is a straightforward process that ensures your child’s safety and convenience during air travel. By researching airline policies, preparing the car seat, choosing a suitable bag or cover, labeling the car seat, and following the airline’s instructions, you can ensure that your car seat is handled properly and delivered to your destination without any issues.


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