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4 Unique Family Friendly Mini Golf Courses in London

Weekends are the days for relaxation and fun, are the two days from all weekends in which you can spend quality and quantity time with your whole family. It’s more than normal to want your best for your family, so if you are struggling to find a family activity for this weekend, consider mini golf as the perfect way to spend your time.

Mini golf is one of the most popular activities in London and you can find courses for all ages and needs.

So, for this weekend consider visiting one of these courses and spend a fun time with your kids. This choice will impress your children and will satisfy them. Don’t worry if you don’t know many places for this activity, because here you will find the best family-friendly mini-golf courses in London.

  1. Plonk crazy golf in London.

In London, you can find many places indoors and outdoors for mini-golf courses. The family-friendly crazy golf with plonkgolf.co.uk has to be your first option. You can book your course in any of the locations near to your place and visit it. In plonk golf, you can find a variety of different fields and all of them are fun and designed with colorful themes. In this place, you can try to play arcade games that you and your kids can try. Of course, food and drinks can’t miss the menu. Last but not least there are no time restrictions so you can take your time perfecting your strike, playing, and running behind the golf ball.

  1. Putt in the park

This mini-golf venue is beautifully designed, and the decor will give you the impression that you are in another place, somewhere far away. This venue is located in the center of London, so you can drive to this place easily if you are living somewhere nearby. In this park you will compete with your family members with different types of holes, choosing the level according to your own skills. This venue will give you some unforgettable memories for you and your family.

  1. Topgolf Chigwell

The third suggestion is to visit the Topgolf Chigwell, this place is perfect if this will be the first time that you experience mini golf. The facilities of this place are new and modern and offer you the chance to play carefree and comfortably, without the press and the stress you might have in another course.

  1. Jurassic encounter.

This mini-golf park is an hour’s drive from Central London and it’s really worth it, especially if your kids are the biggest fan of T-rex, they are going to appreciate this place more! The most amazing thing about this park is that it is decorated with dinosaurs and when you are there you travel with your mind to Prehistoric times. While you are trying to accomplish your goals, you will listen to live sounds. The sure thing is that your little friends are going to appreciate this new adventure.