What to ask realtor when selling?

What to ask realtor when selling?


When selling a property, it is crucial to work with a knowledgeable and experienced realtor who can guide you through the process. To ensure a successful sale, it is important to ask the right questions when selecting a realtor. This article will delve into the key questions you should ask a realtor when selling your property.

1. What is your experience in selling properties in this area?

Experience: It is essential to understand the realtor’s experience in selling properties in your specific area. This question will help you gauge their knowledge of the local market, pricing trends, and potential buyers. A realtor with extensive experience in your area will have a better understanding of how to market your property effectively.

2. How will you determine the listing price for my property?

Pricing strategy: The realtor’s approach to pricing your property is crucial. Ask them about their comparative market analysis (CMA) process, which involves evaluating recent sales of similar properties in the area. A skilled realtor will consider market conditions, property features, and location to determine an accurate listing price that attracts potential buyers.

3. What marketing strategies will you use to sell my property?

Marketing plan: A comprehensive marketing plan is vital to attract potential buyers. Inquire about the realtor’s strategies, such as online listings, professional photography, virtual tours, open houses, and targeted advertising. A proactive realtor will leverage various channels to maximize exposure and generate interest in your property.

4. How will you communicate with me throughout the selling process?

Communication: Effective communication is crucial during the selling process. Ask the realtor how frequently they will provide updates on showings, offers, and market feedback. Clarify your preferred communication methods, such as phone calls, emails, or in-person meetings, to ensure a smooth and transparent selling experience.

5. What is your negotiation strategy?

Negotiation skills: Selling a property often involves negotiation to achieve the best possible outcome. Inquire about the realtor’s approach to negotiations and their track record of successful deals. A skilled negotiator can help you secure a favorable selling price and terms while protecting your interests.

6. How long do your listings typically stay on the market?

Time on market: Understanding the average time it takes for a realtor’s listings to sell can provide insights into their effectiveness. While market conditions play a role, a realtor with a shorter average time on market may have better marketing strategies and pricing expertise.

7. Can you provide references from past clients?

Client testimonials: Requesting references from past clients allows you to gain valuable insights into the realtor’s professionalism, communication skills, and overall satisfaction. Reach out to these references to ask about their experience working with the realtor and whether they would recommend their services.


Selecting the right realtor is crucial when selling your property. By asking these important questions, you can assess their experience, pricing strategy, marketing plan, communication style, negotiation skills, and track record. Remember to choose a realtor who aligns with your goals and has a proven track record of successful sales in your area.


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