What is a duplex nail used for?

What is a duplex nail used for?


A duplex nail is a type of nail that serves a specific purpose in construction and woodworking projects. It is designed with two heads, one on each end, which makes it unique compared to traditional nails. This article will explore the various uses of duplex nails, their advantages, and why they are preferred in certain applications.

Construction and Woodworking Applications

Temporary Fastening: One common use of duplex nails is for temporary fastening. These nails are often used during construction projects to hold materials together temporarily until a more permanent solution, such as screws or bolts, can be implemented. The dual heads of duplex nails make them easy to remove when no longer needed.

Concrete Formwork: Duplex nails are also commonly used in concrete formwork. When constructing concrete structures, temporary wooden forms are used to shape and hold the concrete until it sets. Duplex nails are ideal for securing these forms due to their easy removal and ability to withstand the pressure exerted by the wet concrete.

Wood Joinery: In woodworking, duplex nails can be used for joining wooden pieces together. They provide a strong temporary hold during the assembly process, allowing for adjustments before permanent fasteners, such as screws or dowels, are added. The dual heads of the nails also help prevent splitting of the wood.

Advantages of Duplex Nails

Easy Removal: One of the main advantages of duplex nails is their ease of removal. The dual heads allow for easy extraction using a claw hammer or pry bar, minimizing damage to the surrounding materials. This makes them an excellent choice for temporary fastening applications.

Temporary Fastening: Duplex nails are specifically designed for temporary fastening purposes. They provide a secure hold during construction or woodworking projects but can be easily removed when necessary. This versatility makes them a valuable tool for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Cost-effective: Duplex nails are generally more cost-effective compared to other temporary fastening options, such as screws or bolts. They are typically sold in bulk at affordable prices, making them an economical choice for projects that require temporary fastening.


In summary, duplex nails are a specialized type of nail used for temporary fastening in construction and woodworking projects. They offer advantages such as easy removal, versatility, and cost-effectiveness. Whether it’s for holding temporary structures together, securing concrete formwork, or joining wooden pieces during assembly, duplex nails provide a reliable solution. Their dual heads and temporary nature make them a valuable tool in various applications.


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