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1. SF Real Estate Abbreviation Meaning – All Acronyms

Real Estate SF abbreviation meaning defined here. What does SF stand for in Real Estate? Get the top SF abbreviation related to Real Estate.(1)

Square FeetSquare feet, a unit of area. Square feet is used to denote the plural form of Square foot. Please also find SF meaning for Real Estate in other (2)

DOM is “Days On Market”. This number is important because the longer the home has been on the market, the more likely the seller is to accept a lower offer.(3)

2. Real Estate Abbreviations

Whether you are looking at abbreviations or acronyms for real estate terms, be sure you clearly understand what they mean when referring to a specific piece of (4)

So now you know what $/SF/year means and understand the basics. The $/SF year base rent is calculated on the value of the area and size of properties within it.(5)

$/SF: Price per square foot, the rent or purchase price of a property divided by 0x30: Mortgage term meaning zero 30 day late payments in last 12 months (6)

3. Common Real Estate Abbreviations – Nolo

Assessment, meaning property owners are part of a homeowners’ association that charges annual, quarterly, or monthly fees. Att. Attached garage.1 page(7)

Jul 22, 2010 — What does LP/SF:mean on the bottom of a real estate mls listing? – Answered by a verified Financial Professional.1 answer  ·  ESF = Estimated Square Feet

LP/SF = List price per square foot

DOM = Days On Market

Let me know if you need any clarification.


4. What does LP/SF:mean on the bottom of a real estate mls …

Jul 22, 2010 — What does LP/SF:mean on the bottom of a real estate mls listing? There is typically a dollar figure next to it. Is that a monthly or annual fee?(9)

What does YN mean in real estate? — What MLS stands for? Is MLS legally binding? Is realtor com the same as MLS? What does P m mean in real estate?(10)

REALTOR®: A registered trade name exclusive to members of the National Association of REALTORS®. Realty: Real property, land, real estate. Receiver: A court- (11)

no fee: No charge by a real estate agent or broker. no pts: No pets. non-smo: A person who does not smoke cigarettes, cigars, etc. sf: Square Feet.(12)

AB is a common abbreviation for Abstract of Title when used in property listings and real estate classifieds. Access (accs) — Abbreviation,.(13)

5. Real Estate Abbreviations and Acronyms | Millionacres

Oct 30, 2019 — You’ve probably stumbled across a real estate abbreviation or acronym and wondered what it meant. These letters and initials are intended to (14)

Total Available SF divided by the total RBA on the last day of each quarter. Converted properties do not include properties where the former building (15)

Feb 13, 2013 — What do all these real estate abbreviations mean? It used to be that the San Antonio MLS (Multiple Listing Service) was nothing but real (16)

6. Acronyms keep all but experts guessing, MOL – The Oklahoman

Mar 20, 2004 — People in the real estate business love acronyms, more or less. To most of us, the letters just mean the bearers have done something to (17)

Mar 25, 2021 — The term “base year” refers to the payment of property expenses under a lease. It portrays a situation where the landlord takes on most of those (18)

Oct 7, 2021 — What does SFR mean in real estate? SFR stands for “single family residence” which is a label assigned to standalone or single-family rental (19)

Rates. Most commercial lease rates are quoted in annual dollars per square foot. Example: $15/SF. In most cases (at least on the east coast of the US) this 2 pages(20)

7. HOME-SF | SF Planning

HOME-SF is San Francisco’s local density bonus program. It’s designed to incentivize building more affordable and family-friendly housing in neighborhood (21)

Jan 25, 2020 — YW! What does EOB mean? EOB is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the EOB definition is given.(22)

Homes are selling for more than the asking price because new home buyers are ready to spend more to win bids. Only those who do not have enough money for a down (23)

8. 105 Real Estate Terms Every Agent Should Know in 2021

What Does Contingent Mean in Real Estate SF stands for square feet, which is one of the real estate terms you’re likely already familiar with.(24)

Version A—Real Property Assessment Guideline Property Record Card Abbreviations SF. Sand finish. DSD. Double sliding door. SG. Service gates.5 pages(25)

Jun 18, 2021 — The latest monthly market report from real estate listing website Zillow showed San Francisco’s housing inventory in May went up 8.7% from (26)

9. Below Market Rate (BMR) Ownership Programs – Mayor’s …

Be aware that HOA dues can increase over time beyond the pace of inflation. MOHCD manages 3 types of BMR Ownership Programs: Inclusionary Housing Program under (27)

comparable properties that do not consider the property condition, as a physical This would mean the new buyer does not have to obtain a new loan. In.(28)

10. List of Abbreviations | Docking Real Estate

Abbreviation Definition ac, a/c air conditioning alc alcove amen amenities bi built-in bics built-in cupboards bir built-in robe br bedroom bt brick walls (29)

Property Owners must notify the Assessor of any changes in ownership as soon as possible to avoid by law, from the definition of change in ownership.(30)

Sometimes called a “destination” tenant, usually these tenants lease at least 25,000 SF. Availability Rate: The ratio of available space to total rentable space (31)

Minimum 40% of total property area. Street Side (corner lot). 15′. D. Lot Standards. Rear ( (32)

10 sf * $86 base rate = $860. As you can see, using the adjustment this way is the same, but it enables the computation of the total effective area for use (33)

What Does ‘NNN Lease / Triple Net Lease’ Mean? Commercial Real Estate Leases and Clauses. There are many forms of commercial real estate leases, (34)

Mar 18, 2021 — WHAT DOES PEAD STAND FOR? PEAD stands for PROPERTY ENTRY ADVISORY AND DECLARATION. This form became mandatory in early 2020 and remains so (35)

Nov 11, 2020 — APX SF: Square footage in the property. APX LSZ: Square footage of the lot. YB: Year built. FP: Number of fireplaces. Zone: How the property has (36)

Our diverse team supports local buyers and sellers in English, Korean, Mongolian, and Vietnamese. In every language, we build lasting client relationships.(37)

The estimated operating expenses (aka NNN) are $10 per square foot per year. The total yearly rent you would pay equals $40 sf per year. So if you are leasing (38)

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