How to get real estate license in mn?

How to get real estate license in mn?


If you’re interested in pursuing a career in real estate in Minnesota, obtaining a real estate license is a crucial step towards achieving that goal. This article will guide you through the process of getting a real estate license in Minnesota, providing you with the necessary information and steps to follow.

Educational Requirements

Pre-Licensing Education: Before applying for a real estate license in Minnesota, you must complete the required pre-licensing education. The Minnesota Department of Commerce requires aspiring real estate agents to complete 90 hours of approved real estate education. These courses cover various topics such as real estate principles, practices, contracts, and laws.

Approved Education Providers: The Minnesota Department of Commerce maintains a list of approved education providers on their website. It is essential to choose an approved provider to ensure that your education meets the state’s requirements.

Course Options: There are various options available for completing the required pre-licensing education. You can choose to attend in-person classes, online courses, or a combination of both. Online courses offer flexibility and convenience, allowing you to study at your own pace.

Exam Preparation

Exam Content: Once you have completed the required pre-licensing education, you will need to pass the Minnesota real estate licensing exam. The exam consists of both national and state-specific questions, covering topics such as real estate principles, contracts, finance, and Minnesota real estate laws.

Study Materials: To prepare for the exam, it is recommended to utilize study materials specifically designed for the Minnesota real estate licensing exam. These materials can include textbooks, online practice exams, flashcards, and study guides. Familiarize yourself with the content and format of the exam to increase your chances of success.

Exam Registration: To register for the exam, you will need to submit an application to the Minnesota Department of Commerce. The application includes providing proof of completing the required pre-licensing education and paying the examination fee.

Licensing Application

Application Submission: Once you have successfully passed the real estate licensing exam, you can proceed with submitting your license application. The application can be completed online through the Minnesota Department of Commerce’s website. You will need to provide personal information, education details, and any additional required documentation.

Fingerprinting and Background Check: As part of the licensing process, you will be required to undergo a fingerprinting and background check. This is to ensure that applicants meet the character and fitness requirements set by the state. The Minnesota Department of Commerce will provide instructions on how to complete this process.

Licensing Fee: Along with your application, you will need to pay the required licensing fee. The fee covers the processing of your application and the issuance of your real estate license.

Continuing Education

Renewal Requirements: After obtaining your real estate license in Minnesota, you will need to fulfill continuing education requirements to renew your license. The Minnesota Department of Commerce requires real estate agents to complete 30 hours of approved continuing education every two years. These courses help agents stay updated on industry trends, laws, and best practices.


Obtaining a real estate license in Minnesota requires completing the necessary pre-licensing education, passing the licensing exam, and submitting a license application. It is essential to stay informed about the specific requirements set by the Minnesota Department of Commerce and follow the outlined steps to ensure a smooth licensing process.


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