How to become a real estate agent mississippi?

How to become a real estate agent mississippi?


Becoming a real estate agent in Mississippi can be an exciting and rewarding career choice. Whether you are starting fresh or looking to make a career change, this article will guide you through the steps to become a licensed real estate agent in Mississippi.

Educational Requirements

To become a real estate agent in Mississippi, you must first meet the educational requirements. The Mississippi Real Estate Commission (MREC) requires aspiring agents to complete 60 hours of pre-licensing education from an approved provider. These courses cover topics such as real estate principles, contracts, property management, and Mississippi real estate law.

Materials used: Real estate principles textbooks, online course materials, practice exams.

State Exam

After completing the pre-licensing education, you will need to pass the Mississippi real estate licensing exam. The exam is administered by PSI Exams, and you can schedule your exam through their website. The exam consists of both national and state-specific questions, covering topics such as real estate law, finance, and ethics.

Materials used: Mississippi real estate exam study guides, online practice exams.

Background Check and Application

Once you have passed the licensing exam, you will need to complete a background check and submit your application to the Mississippi Real Estate Commission. The background check includes fingerprinting and a review of your criminal history. It is important to disclose any past convictions or disciplinary actions as failure to do so may result in your application being denied.

Materials used: Fingerprinting services, application forms, personal identification documents.

Choosing a Brokerage

To practice real estate in Mississippi, you must work under a licensed real estate broker. It is essential to choose a brokerage that aligns with your career goals and values. Consider factors such as commission splits, training and mentorship programs, company culture, and reputation in the industry. Reach out to different brokerages, schedule interviews, and ask questions to find the right fit for you.

Materials used: List of local brokerages, interview questions, research on brokerages’ websites.

Post-Licensing Education

After obtaining your real estate license, you will need to complete post-licensing education within the first year of licensure. Mississippi requires 30 hours of post-licensing education, which focuses on practical aspects of real estate transactions, agency relationships, and ethical practices. This education is designed to provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in your real estate career.

Materials used: Post-licensing education courses, textbooks, online resources.

Continuing Education

To maintain your real estate license in Mississippi, you must complete continuing education (CE) courses every two years. The MREC requires 16 hours of CE, including 4 hours of Mississippi-specific courses. These courses help you stay updated on changes in real estate laws, industry trends, and best practices. There are various providers that offer CE courses, both online and in-person, giving you flexibility in completing your education requirements.

Materials used: Continuing education courses, online platforms, course completion certificates.


Becoming a real estate agent in Mississippi requires completing pre-licensing education, passing the state exam, undergoing a background check, and finding a brokerage to work with. Additionally, post-licensing education and continuing education are necessary to maintain your license and stay current in the industry. By following these steps and investing in your education, you can embark on a successful career as a real estate agent in Mississippi.


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