Where is gotham garage located?

Where is gotham garage located?


Gotham Garage is a popular automotive customization shop that has gained significant attention through its appearances on the television show “Car Masters: Rust to Riches.” Many fans of the show are curious about the location of Gotham Garage and where they can find this unique automotive workshop.

The Origins of Gotham Garage

Gotham Garage was founded by Mark Towle, a skilled car enthusiast and builder. The garage specializes in transforming old, rusty vehicles into stunning works of art, combining classic designs with modern features. The team at Gotham Garage is known for their innovative and creative approach to car customization, which has earned them a loyal following.

The Location of Gotham Garage

Gotham Garage is located in Burbank, California. This city, situated in Los Angeles County, is known for its vibrant entertainment industry and is home to many film and television studios. Burbank’s close proximity to Hollywood makes it an ideal location for Gotham Garage, as it allows them to easily collaborate with various production companies and showcase their work on television shows like “Car Masters: Rust to Riches.”

The Impact of Television

The television show “Car Masters: Rust to Riches” has played a significant role in bringing Gotham Garage into the spotlight. The show follows the team at Gotham Garage as they acquire and transform old cars, with the goal of selling them for a profit. The exposure from the show has not only increased the popularity of Gotham Garage but has also attracted car enthusiasts from around the world to visit their shop.

Visiting Gotham Garage

While Gotham Garage has gained a global following through its television appearances, it’s important to note that the shop is not open to the public for regular visits. This is because Gotham Garage primarily focuses on their custom car builds and does not operate as a traditional car dealership or repair shop. However, fans of the show can still get a glimpse of Gotham Garage’s incredible creations through various online platforms and social media channels.


Gotham Garage, located in Burbank, California, has become a well-known destination for automotive enthusiasts and fans of the television show “Car Masters: Rust to Riches.” Their unique approach to car customization and their presence on the small screen have contributed to their growing popularity. While the garage is not open to the public, fans can still enjoy the incredible transformations created by the talented team at Gotham Garage.


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