What to do with fire pit ashes?

What to do with fire pit ashes?


Fire pits are a popular addition to outdoor spaces, providing warmth and ambiance for gatherings and relaxation. However, once the fire has burned out, you’re left with a pile of ashes. Many people wonder what to do with fire pit ashes. Are they simply waste to be discarded, or can they be repurposed in some way? In this article, we will explore various options for dealing with fire pit ashes, from disposal to creative uses.


Bagging and throwing away: The simplest and most common way to dispose of fire pit ashes is to bag them and throw them away with your regular household trash. However, it’s important to wait until the ashes have cooled completely before handling them. Hot ashes can pose a fire hazard and should never be disposed of in plastic bags.

Composting: If you have a compost pile or bin, you can add small amounts of fire pit ashes to it. Ashes are alkaline and can help balance the acidity of compost, especially if you have a lot of acidic materials like fruit scraps. However, use ashes sparingly, as too much can raise the pH level too high for optimal composting.

Garden Uses

Soil amendment: Fire pit ashes can be used as a soil amendment, particularly in gardens with acidic soil. They contain essential nutrients like potassium, calcium, and phosphorus, which can benefit plants. However, it’s crucial to test your soil’s pH level before adding ashes, as too much alkalinity can harm certain plants. Consult with a local gardening expert or use a soil testing kit for accurate results.

Pest control: Wood ash can be an effective natural pest control method. Sprinkling a thin layer of ashes around plants can deter slugs, snails, and certain insects. The abrasive texture of the ash can irritate their bodies, making them less likely to crawl over it. However, be cautious when using ash as a pest control method, as it can also harm beneficial insects and plants if used excessively.

Household Uses

Cleaning agent: Fire pit ashes have abrasive properties that make them useful for cleaning purposes. You can use them as a gentle abrasive cleaner for pots, pans, and even glass surfaces. Mix a small amount of ashes with water or vinegar to create a paste and scrub away stubborn stains. However, avoid using ashes on delicate or polished surfaces, as they can cause scratches.

Deodorizer: Fire pit ashes can help absorb odors in your home. Place a small bowl of ashes in areas with unpleasant smells, such as near litter boxes or in the refrigerator. The ashes will absorb and neutralize the odors over time. Remember to replace the ashes regularly to maintain their effectiveness.


Fire pit ashes don’t have to be seen as mere waste. There are various ways to repurpose them, from composting and using them as a soil amendment in the garden to utilizing them as a cleaning agent or deodorizer in your home. However, it’s essential to consider factors such as pH levels, plant sensitivity, and proper handling to ensure the best results. By exploring these options, you can make the most of your fire pit ashes while minimizing waste.


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