What is ice plus on my lg refrigerator?

What is ice plus on my lg refrigerator?


Ice Plus is a feature found on LG refrigerators that enhances the production of ice and provides a faster freezing experience. This article will explore what Ice Plus is, how it works, and the benefits it offers to users.

Understanding Ice Plus

Ice Plus is a specialized feature available on LG refrigerators that allows users to accelerate the ice-making process. When activated, the refrigerator’s freezer compartment cools down to a lower temperature, enabling faster ice production. This feature is particularly useful when you need a large quantity of ice in a short amount of time, such as when hosting a party or gathering.

How to Activate Ice Plus

Activating Ice Plus on an LG refrigerator is a simple process. Most models have a dedicated button or control panel option labeled “Ice Plus” or “Express Freeze.” Pressing this button will activate the feature, and the refrigerator will begin cooling the freezer compartment to a lower temperature. It is important to note that the exact location and labeling of the Ice Plus button may vary depending on the specific model of the LG refrigerator.

Benefits of Ice Plus

1. Faster Ice Production: The primary benefit of Ice Plus is its ability to accelerate the ice-making process. By lowering the freezer compartment’s temperature, ice cubes can freeze more quickly, allowing you to have a sufficient supply of ice within a shorter time frame.

2. Convenience: Ice Plus is especially convenient when hosting parties or events that require a large amount of ice. With this feature, you can quickly replenish the ice supply without having to wait for hours for the ice maker to produce enough ice cubes.

3. Energy Efficiency: Despite the increased cooling required to accelerate ice production, LG refrigerators are designed to be energy-efficient. The Ice Plus feature is programmed to automatically deactivate after a certain period, ensuring that the refrigerator returns to its regular energy-saving mode.

4. Versatility: Ice Plus is not limited to ice cube production. It can also be used to rapidly cool down items placed in the freezer compartment, such as beverages or leftovers. This versatility makes the feature useful in various scenarios where quick freezing is required.


In conclusion, Ice Plus is a valuable feature found on LG refrigerators that enhances ice production and provides a faster freezing experience. By activating Ice Plus, users can enjoy the convenience of having an ample supply of ice within a shorter time frame, making it ideal for hosting parties or events. Additionally, this feature offers versatility and energy efficiency, making it a valuable addition to LG refrigerators.


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