What happened to tony on hot rod garage?

What happened to tony on hot rod garage?


In the world of automotive enthusiasts, the show Hot Rod Garage has gained a significant following. The show, which features Tony Angelo and Lucky Costa, showcases their expertise in building and modifying cars. However, fans may have noticed a change in recent episodes, leaving them wondering: what happened to Tony on Hot Rod Garage?

Tony Angelo’s Departure

To address the question directly, Tony Angelo, who was a co-host and builder on Hot Rod Garage, has left the show. The exact reasons for his departure have not been publicly disclosed, leaving fans to speculate about the circumstances surrounding his exit.

Contributions to Hot Rod Garage

During his time on Hot Rod Garage, Tony Angelo made significant contributions to the show. He brought a wealth of knowledge and experience in automotive customization, which was evident in the projects he worked on. Tony’s expertise extended to various aspects of car modification, including engine upgrades, suspension enhancements, and bodywork.

Collaborations and Projects

One of the highlights of Tony Angelo’s tenure on Hot Rod Garage was his collaborations with other automotive experts and industry professionals. Together, they tackled ambitious projects that showcased their skills and creativity. These collaborations often resulted in unique and impressive builds that captivated the show’s audience.

Impact on Hot Rod Garage

Tony Angelo’s departure undoubtedly had an impact on the overall dynamic of Hot Rod Garage. His absence left a void in the show, as fans had become accustomed to his expertise and charismatic presence. However, the remaining team members, including Lucky Costa, have continued to produce engaging content and deliver quality builds.

Future Endeavors

Since leaving Hot Rod Garage, Tony Angelo has pursued various other automotive projects and ventures. He has continued to share his passion for cars through his social media channels, where he provides updates on his latest builds and offers insights into the automotive industry. Fans of Tony Angelo can still follow his work and stay connected with his ongoing projects.


In conclusion, Tony Angelo’s departure from Hot Rod Garage has left fans wondering about the reasons behind his exit. While the specifics surrounding his departure remain undisclosed, it is clear that his contributions to the show were significant. Despite his absence, Hot Rod Garage continues to deliver exciting content and impressive builds, maintaining its status as a popular show among automotive enthusiasts.


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