What do the numbers on mersman furniture mean?

What do the numbers on mersman furniture mean?


Mersman furniture is a well-known brand that has been producing high-quality furniture for over a century. One intriguing aspect of Mersman furniture is the presence of numbers on their pieces. These numbers often leave people wondering about their significance and meaning. In this article, we will delve into the world of Mersman furniture and explore what these numbers represent.

The Mersman Furniture Company

Before we dive into the numbers, let’s briefly touch on the history of the Mersman Furniture Company. Established in 1876 by Gustave Mersman, the company quickly gained a reputation for crafting durable and stylish furniture. Mersman furniture became highly sought after, and their pieces can still be found in many homes today.

Understanding the Numbers

When examining Mersman furniture, you may notice a number stamped or engraved on the piece. These numbers serve various purposes and can provide valuable information about the furniture’s origin, production, and style. Here are some common types of numbers found on Mersman furniture:

Model Numbers: Mersman often assigned model numbers to their furniture pieces. These numbers helped identify and categorize different designs and styles. Model numbers can provide insights into the specific style or era of a particular piece.

Serial Numbers: Some Mersman furniture may feature serial numbers. These numbers were used for internal tracking purposes within the Mersman Furniture Company. Serial numbers can help determine the production date, batch, or other manufacturing details of a piece.

Style Numbers: Mersman furniture was produced in various styles, such as Victorian, Art Deco, or Mid-Century Modern. Style numbers were used to identify the design aesthetic of a particular piece. These numbers can be helpful in determining the era or style of Mersman furniture.

Production Numbers: In addition to model and style numbers, Mersman furniture may also have production numbers. These numbers were used to track the production line and ensure quality control. Production numbers can provide insights into the manufacturing process and help identify the specific batch or run of a piece.

Interpreting the Numbers

While the numbers on Mersman furniture can provide valuable information, it is essential to note that there is no standardized system for interpreting them. The meaning of the numbers can vary depending on the specific piece, era, or production process. Therefore, it is challenging to provide a definitive guide to interpreting these numbers.

To gain a better understanding of the numbers on a particular piece of Mersman furniture, it is recommended to consult experts, collectors, or reference materials specific to Mersman furniture. These resources can provide valuable insights and help decipher the significance of the numbers based on the context of the piece.


The numbers found on Mersman furniture pieces can offer valuable information about their origin, production, and style. Model numbers, serial numbers, style numbers, and production numbers all serve different purposes and can provide insights into the history and manufacturing process of Mersman furniture. However, interpreting these numbers accurately may require additional research or consultation with experts in the field.


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