How to move furniture in sims 4?

How to move furniture in sims 4?


Moving furniture in Sims 4 is an essential aspect of creating the perfect virtual home. Whether you want to rearrange your living room, redecorate your bedroom, or simply make a few adjustments, knowing how to move furniture efficiently can save you time and frustration. In this article, we will explore the various methods and techniques to move furniture in Sims 4, allowing you to unleash your creativity and design the ideal virtual space.

Placing and Moving Furniture

Placing Objects: To place furniture in Sims 4, you can either purchase new items from the in-game catalog or use existing furniture from your inventory. Simply select the object you want to place and click on an available spot in your desired location. The object will appear in the chosen position.

Moving Objects: If you want to move furniture that is already placed, click on the object and select the “Move” option. This will allow you to freely move the furniture around your lot. You can drag it to a new location or use the arrow keys for more precise adjustments. To rotate an object, use the “R” key or the rotate icon that appears when you select the furniture.

Advanced Placement

Grid Snapping: By default, objects in Sims 4 snap to a grid, making it easier to align them neatly. However, this can sometimes limit your creativity. To disable grid snapping, press the “Alt” key while placing or moving an object. This will allow you to position furniture more freely, enabling unique and unconventional arrangements.

Move Objects Cheat: For even more flexibility in furniture placement, you can use the “Move Objects” cheat. Press “Ctrl + Shift + C” to open the cheat console, then type “bb.moveobjects on” and press Enter. This cheat allows you to place objects anywhere, including overlapping and off-grid placements. Remember to turn off the cheat by entering “bb.moveobjects off” when you’re done.

Managing Furniture in Build Mode

Build Mode: To access the full range of furniture placement options, enter Build Mode by clicking on the hammer icon in the top-right corner of the screen or pressing the “F2” key. In Build Mode, you can add, delete, and modify rooms, as well as place and move objects with greater precision.

Room Tool: The Room Tool in Build Mode allows you to easily create and modify rooms. To use this tool, select the Room icon or press the “B” key. Click and drag to draw walls, and release to complete the room. You can resize and reshape rooms by clicking and dragging the walls or using the handles that appear.

Wall Tool: The Wall Tool is useful for creating custom wall layouts or modifying existing ones. To access this tool, select the Wall icon or press the “M” key. Click and drag to create new walls, and use the handles to adjust their length and angle. You can also delete walls by selecting them and pressing the Delete key.


Knowing how to move furniture in Sims 4 is crucial for creating the perfect virtual home. By understanding the various placement and movement options available, you can unleash your creativity and design unique spaces. Whether you prefer precise grid snapping or more flexible arrangements, Sims 4 provides the tools to bring your interior design ideas to life.


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