How to keep birds off patio furniture?

How to keep birds off patio furniture?


Birds can be a delightful addition to any outdoor space, but when they start leaving their marks on your patio furniture, it can be quite frustrating. Whether it’s their droppings or the damage they cause to cushions and fabrics, finding ways to keep birds off your patio furniture becomes a necessity. In this article, we will explore effective methods and strategies to deter birds from making your outdoor furniture their perch.

Understanding the Behavior of Birds

Before we delve into the solutions, it’s important to understand why birds are attracted to patio furniture in the first place. Birds are naturally drawn to elevated surfaces, especially those with a wide view of their surroundings. Patio furniture often provides the perfect vantage point for birds to observe their surroundings, search for food, or even build nests. Additionally, certain materials used in patio furniture, such as cushions or fabrics, may also attract birds due to their resemblance to natural nesting materials.

Methods to Keep Birds off Patio Furniture

1. Visual Deterrents: One effective way to discourage birds from landing on your patio furniture is by using visual deterrents. Hang reflective objects, such as old CDs or aluminum foil strips, near your furniture. The sunlight reflecting off these items will create a visual disturbance that birds find unsettling. Additionally, installing scarecrows or owl decoys can also help deter birds, as they perceive these objects as potential threats.

2. Auditory Deterrents: Birds are highly sensitive to sound, and certain noises can make them uncomfortable. Consider using auditory deterrents, such as wind chimes or motion-activated devices that emit bird distress calls. These sounds will create an environment that birds find less inviting and encourage them to seek alternative perching spots.

3. Physical Barriers: Creating physical barriers can be an effective way to keep birds off your patio furniture. Use netting or wire mesh to cover the furniture when it’s not in use. This prevents birds from landing and roosting on the surfaces. Ensure the barriers are securely fastened and cover the entire furniture area to make it less accessible for birds.

4. Repellents: There are various bird repellents available in the market that can help deter birds from your patio furniture. These repellents often use natural ingredients or scents that birds find unpleasant. Apply the repellent as per the manufacturer’s instructions, ensuring it is safe for use on the specific material of your furniture.

5. Regular Cleaning: Birds are attracted to food scraps and crumbs left on patio furniture. Regularly clean your furniture, removing any food remnants or spills that might attract birds. By eliminating their food source, you make your furniture less appealing to birds.


Keeping birds off your patio furniture requires a combination of strategies that discourage their presence. Utilizing visual and auditory deterrents, creating physical barriers, using repellents, and maintaining cleanliness are all effective methods to keep birds away. By implementing these measures, you can enjoy your outdoor space without the hassle of bird-related issues.


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