How to get a bird out of a garage?

How to get a bird out of a garage?


Finding a bird trapped in your garage can be a common occurrence, especially if your garage door is frequently left open. While it may seem like a daunting task, there are several effective methods to safely and humanely get a bird out of a garage. In this article, we will explore step-by-step instructions and useful tips to help you successfully free the bird and prevent it from getting trapped again.

1. Assess the Situation

Before taking any action, it’s important to assess the situation and determine the type of bird you are dealing with. Different bird species may require different approaches. Take note of the bird’s size, behavior, and any potential hazards in the garage that could harm the bird or impede its exit.

2. Open All Doors and Windows

The first step in getting a bird out of your garage is to provide an exit route. Open all doors and windows in the garage to create a clear path for the bird to fly out. Make sure there are no obstacles or obstructions in the way that could deter the bird from finding the exit.

3. Create a Path of Least Resistance

Birds are more likely to fly towards light, so if possible, turn off all lights inside the garage and open any windows or doors that provide natural light. This will create a path of least resistance for the bird to follow towards the exit. You can also use a flashlight to guide the bird in the right direction.

4. Remove Potential Traps

Birds can easily become trapped in enclosed spaces or behind objects in the garage. Remove any potential traps such as boxes, tools, or equipment that could obstruct the bird’s flight path. Clearing the area will make it easier for the bird to navigate and find its way out.

5. Use Visual Deterrents

If the bird is not making any attempts to leave the garage, you can try using visual deterrents to encourage it to fly out. Hang shiny objects, like CDs or aluminum foil strips, near the open doors and windows. The reflection and movement of these objects can help scare the bird and prompt it to fly towards the exit.

6. Provide an Attractive Exit Point

Sometimes, birds may be hesitant to leave a confined space. To make the exit more appealing, place a potted plant or a bird feeder outside the open doors or windows. The presence of natural elements can entice the bird to leave the garage and find a more suitable environment.

7. Be Patient and Observant

Getting a bird out of a garage may require some patience. Avoid making sudden movements or loud noises that could startle the bird and cause it to panic. Instead, stay calm and observe the bird’s behavior. This will help you understand its intentions and adjust your approach accordingly.


Getting a bird out of a garage can be a simple and humane process if approached correctly. By assessing the situation, opening all doors and windows, creating a path of least resistance, removing potential traps, using visual deterrents, providing an attractive exit point, and being patient and observant, you can successfully free the bird and prevent future entrapments.


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