How many explosive ammo for garage door?

How many explosive ammo for garage door?


When it comes to raiding bases or breaking into structures in games like Rust or Ark: Survival Evolved, one of the key considerations is the amount of explosive ammo required to destroy certain elements. In this article, we will focus on the number of explosive ammo needed to break through a garage door, a common feature in many base designs. Understanding the firepower required can help players plan their raids more effectively and allocate their resources accordingly.

Factors to Consider

Before determining the exact number of explosive ammo needed, it’s important to consider a few factors that can affect the outcome. These factors include the type of explosive ammo being used, the material of the garage door, and any potential damage modifiers that may be in place.

Type of Explosive Ammo: Different games offer various types of explosive ammunition, each with its own damage output. It is crucial to know the specific type of explosive ammo you are using and its associated damage values.

Material of the Garage Door: Garage doors in games can be made from different materials, such as wood, stone, or metal. The material of the door will determine its durability and resistance to damage.

Damage Modifiers: Some games may have damage modifiers in place that can affect the amount of damage dealt by explosive ammo. These modifiers can be influenced by factors like the game’s settings, server rules, or specific gameplay mechanics.

Calculating the Number of Explosive Ammo

To calculate the number of explosive ammo required to destroy a garage door, you need to consider the damage output of the specific ammunition you are using and the durability of the garage door. By dividing the door’s durability by the damage per shot, you can determine the number of shots needed to destroy it.

For example, if the garage door has a durability of 1000 and your explosive ammo deals 200 damage per shot, you would need 5 shots (1000 / 200 = 5) to destroy the door.

It’s important to note that this calculation assumes no damage modifiers are in place. If there are any damage modifiers, you may need to adjust the calculation accordingly.


Knowing how many explosive ammo rounds are required to break through a garage door can be crucial in planning successful raids in games like Rust or Ark: Survival Evolved. Factors such as the type of explosive ammo, the material of the door, and any damage modifiers can affect the number of shots needed. By considering these factors and performing the necessary calculations, players can allocate their resources effectively and maximize their raiding potential.


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