How long does nectar mattress take to expand?

How long does nectar mattress take to expand?


When purchasing a new mattress, one of the most common concerns is how long it takes for the mattress to fully expand. This is particularly true for foam mattresses, such as the Nectar mattress, which are compressed and rolled for shipping. In this article, we will explore the factors that influence the expansion time of a Nectar mattress and provide an estimate of how long it typically takes.

The Nectar Mattress

Before delving into the expansion time, let’s first understand what makes the Nectar mattress unique. The Nectar mattress is a memory foam mattress that is designed to provide optimal comfort and support. It is constructed with multiple layers of foam, including a gel memory foam layer, which helps to regulate temperature and provide pressure relief.

Factors Affecting Expansion Time

Several factors can influence the time it takes for a Nectar mattress to fully expand. These factors include the following:

1. Packaging: The Nectar mattress is compressed and rolled for shipping, which allows for easier transportation. However, this compression can affect the expansion time. The mattress needs time to regain its original shape and size once it is unpacked.

2. Room Temperature: The temperature of the room where the mattress is placed can also impact the expansion time. Warmer temperatures generally facilitate faster expansion, while colder temperatures may slow down the process.

3. Mattress Size: The size of the mattress can also play a role in the expansion time. Larger mattresses may take longer to fully expand compared to smaller ones due to their increased volume.

Typical Expansion Time

While the exact time it takes for a Nectar mattress to fully expand can vary, most customers report that it typically takes between 24 and 72 hours. During this time, the mattress will gradually expand and reach its full size. However, it is important to note that some customers may experience a slight odor during the initial expansion period. This is a normal occurrence known as off-gassing and should dissipate within a few days.

It is recommended to allow the mattress to fully expand before using it to ensure optimal comfort and performance. While it may be tempting to sleep on the mattress as soon as it is unpacked, it is best to exercise patience and wait for the recommended time frame.


In conclusion, the Nectar mattress typically takes between 24 and 72 hours to fully expand. Factors such as packaging, room temperature, and mattress size can influence the expansion time. It is important to allow the mattress to fully expand before using it to ensure the best sleeping experience.


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