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Halkidiki’s Best Kept Secrets

Halkidiki is one of the most beautiful places of Greece, is a Peninsula in the Northern side of Greece and it’s famous because it looks like Poseidon’s Trident. Halkidiki is a destination which is near the second biggest capital of Greece, Thessaloniki.

Halkidiki has three main parts, the Kassandra peninsula, the most famous one, the Sithonia peninsula, and the mountain Athos. All of them are places worth visiting and you can have a special vacation in every and each of them.

If you are one of those people who love to explore new places and find the best secrets of each destination that you are visiting, Halkidiki is the ideal destination for your next trip.

This place is well known for the hidden beaches and for some secret places that are hard to reach.

Just a pro tip: Try to visit all these places by bicycle, it’s an alternative way to commute to different places quickly and fun, all at once. You can book your bike on ebikehalkidiki.com or any other place and make the best tour of your entire life, riding a bike.

If you are planning to visit Halkidiki this summer, here you will find the 3 best-kept secrets of this place.

  1. Sarti

The first place which you can visit is Sarti, this place is a traditional village with two parts, one new and one old. It’s a place that combines the sea and the mountain of the Halkidiki in a perfect way. There is a hidden promontory that you can visit and admire a panoramic view of the whole village. In Sarti, you can find many traditional restaurants which are offering delicious Greek homemade food. This village is a worth visiting place and it’s a perfect destination if you want to enjoy riding your bike.

  1. Nikiti

The second place that is a must-visit while you’re staying in Halkidiki, is Nikiti village. This village is perfect for someone who loves a combination of a traditional village and sandy beaches. In this place, you can wander around the stone houses and the wonderful alleys. Of course, in Nikiti, you can find many traditional taverns in which you can enjoy delicious dishes with a perfect view. This destination is perfect for someone who wants to ride his bike because of the safe roads of the place.

  1. Petralona Cave and the 700,000-year-old man

This place is another hidden gem of Halkidiki, is a cave that is 700.000 years old, and there was discovered the skull of an Archanthrapus (aged 30-35 years old). This cave is one of the most impressive caves in Europe and one of the most important attractions in the Halkidiki and Greece in general. In this cave, you can admire some stalactites in the ceiling and while you are walking around this old finding, you can let yourself travel many centuries ago.