Why Is Variety In Crop Plants Important For “food Security”?

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Why is variety in crop plants important for “food security”? How is this threatened by GM food crops? What is the United States’ position on GM products?(1)

The wise use of crop genetic diversity in developing improved crops can contribute significantly to protecting the environment. Crop varieties that are (2)

For millennia, food plants have been domesticated, selected, exchanged, and improved by farmers in traditional ways, within traditional production systems.(3)

2. Crop diversity – Wikipedia

Crop diversity is the variance in genetic and phenotypic characteristics of plants used in Crop diversity is an aspect of biodiversity important for food security.‎Biodiversity loss · ‎Within-crop diversity · ‎Ecological effects · ‎Disease threats(4)

Oct 26, 2010 — Genetic information held in certain crop varieties is crucial to the development of heat, drought, salinity, pests and diseases-resistant, fast- (5)

Apr 26, 2020 — The development and spread of improved crop varieties and the use of chemical fertilizers and other modern inputs led to massive increases in (6)

3. Biodiversity to nurture people – HARVESTING NATURE’S …

The plant genetic diversity used in agriculture—the crops that feed us and genetic diversity is essential to global food security and to protect our (7)

4 days ago · 1 answerAnswer: Disease and Famine. Explanation: If there is a disease that affects a type of plant, having other types of crops to rely on could (8)

4. The Importance of Biodiversity to Food and Agricultural …

Oct 16, 2017 — It includes plants’ genetic resources: crops, wild plants harvested to food security, nutrition and well-being by providing a variety of (9)

A variety of philosophies, policies and practices have contributed to these goals, to future agricultural sustainability and global food security.(10)

Crop variety development has evolved over time, and currently, agricultural in technology that was important for plant breeding was the development of (11)

Genetic variation within crops also brings us the huge variety of foods we enjoy. Biodiversity within livestock is important for the same reasons, and there (12)

Learn more about sustainable crop raising production, from seed to harvest, Using a variety of plants increases the biodiversity of the farm ecosystem (13)

5. Q&A: modern crop breeding for future food security – BMC …

by KP Voss-Fels · 2019 · Cited by 51 — While plant breeding has been very successful and has delivered today’s highly productive crop varieties, the rate of genetic improvement must (14)

by M Qaim · 2013 · Cited by 214 — GM crops alone will not solve the hunger problem, but they can be an important component in a broader food security strategy.(15)

by T Begna · 2021 — Plant genetic diversity offers opportunity for researchers to develop new improved varieties with desirable traits, which accommodates both farmers and breeders (16)

6. Why is it Important? – Convention on Biological Diversity

Apr 25, 2008 — Today’s crop and livestock biodiversity are the result of many provide to humanity, including food security, nutrition and livelihoods.(17)

by B Furman · 2021 — plant genetic resources; farmers’ varieties; landraces; conservation of crop diversity is essential for safeguarding global food security for the (18)

by G Henderson — Organic matter soaks up water and nutrients like a sponge, helping plant roots Each crop variety also offers unique flavors, textures, and nutritional (19)

by LA Thrupp · 2000 · Cited by 637 — genetic resources-the essential living materials of plants and animals;. * edible plants and crops, including traditional varieties, cultivars, hybrids and.(20)

7. Farmers urgently need to diversify, but they cannot do it alone

Many solutions exist for ways to increase the diversity of plants grown on farms – from planting different varieties of the same crop, and different crops (21)

May 27, 2021 — Northern wild rice is a wild grain native to North America, which is important for food security and cultural purposes in many Native American (22)

Mar 3, 2014 — Fewer crop species are feeding the world than 50 years ago, so that plant breeders provide adaptable varieties able to cope with (23)

8. The forgotten foods that could excite our tastebuds – BBC

Can expanding the number of plants we consume improve food security and make When a disease starts spreading in a particular crop variety, for example, (24)

Climate drivers important to food security their soil management strategies, and the use and spatial distribution of crop varieties (Saxena et al. 2016.(25)

by CG Gonzalez · 2011 · Cited by 55 — important for food production, including the diverse varieties of animals, plants crops currently supply 80% of the world’s plant-based dietary energy.(26)

9. EDUCATOR GUIDE – National Geographic Society

has food security — access to sufficient, safe, and healthy food Recognize the importance of sustainable agriculture in Top Crop game into a variety.(27)

by K Gururani · 2021 · Cited by 1 — Better utilization of locally grown crop varieties in diversified cropping systems can be an important first step towards food security for (28)

10. Editorial: Legumes for Global Food Security – Frontiers

by JC Jimenez-Lopez · 2020 · Cited by 4 — The multidimensional nature of plant-pathogen interactions and the production of disease-resistant crop plants that are resilient to climate (29)

by LD Snyder · 2020 · Cited by 4 — For instance, increasing the number of plant species in a field Early maturing varieties of cowpea are important to food security as (30)

“By the time the water is salty enough to taste, the plants are already dying.” Only a few of the rice varieties at IRRI are GM crops, in the sense that they (31)

Food crop production is essential for the well-being of humanity, which cause considerable crop loss and thus challenge global food security.(32)

by N Kaiser · 2020 · Cited by 23 — By comparison, hundreds of new crop varieties are released every year by commercial conventional breeding to improve crop productivity, bolster food security, (33)

Mar 13, 2019 — Farmers in Namibia now have new crop varieties of cowpea and in improved crop varieties and quality plays an important role in the (34)

With the increased number and variety of crops grown and livestock reared in organic production, the farming system is integrated and more resilient to stress.(35)

Oct 7, 2020 — Already more than a dozen varieties of native and wild potatoes are in of the third- and sixth-most important food crops on the globe.(36)

Explore the geographic origins of our food crops – where they were and where the diversity of traditional crop varieties and related wild plants is (37)

by H Fassil · 2000 · Cited by 16 — The use of plant genetic diversity is essential for ensuring an adequate and stable supply of is incorporated in improved varieties of these crops.(38)

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