Which excerpt from fast food nation best illustrates the use of the rhetorical appeal logos?

Which excerpt from fast food nation best illustrates the use of the rhetorical appeal logos?


In Eric Schlosser’s groundbreaking book, “Fast Food Nation,” the author employs various rhetorical appeals to engage readers and persuade them of his arguments. One of the most effective appeals used in the book is logos, which involves logical reasoning and evidence to support claims. This article will explore which excerpt from “Fast Food Nation” best illustrates the use of the rhetorical appeal logos.

Excerpt Analysis

One excerpt from “Fast Food Nation” that exemplifies the use of logos is found in Chapter 2, where Schlosser discusses the dangers and consequences of working in the fast-food industry. He presents a compelling case by providing statistical data and logical reasoning to support his claims.

Schlosser states, “According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median hourly wage of food preparation workers in 2000 was $6.58. That’s less than the average wage of a U.S. worker thirty years ago, adjusted for inflation.” This statement appeals to logos by presenting factual information obtained from a reliable source, the Bureau of Labor Statistics. By comparing the wages of food preparation workers to the average wage of workers three decades ago, Schlosser highlights the low wages in the fast-food industry, making a logical argument about the economic challenges faced by these workers.

Furthermore, Schlosser employs logos by providing evidence of the negative impact of low wages on fast-food workers. He states, “The real wages of the average American worker have not increased in thirty years. But the wages of the average fast-food worker have fallen by more than 20 percent in that time.” This comparison between the stagnation of wages for the average American worker and the decline in wages for fast-food workers supports his argument about the exploitation and economic inequality within the industry.

Schlosser also utilizes logos in his discussion of workplace safety in the fast-food industry. He presents statistics on injuries and accidents, stating, “The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has calculated that the injury rate for fast-food workers is higher than the rate for coal miners, construction workers, and loggers.” By using this comparison, Schlosser appeals to logic, emphasizing the inherent dangers faced by fast-food workers and the need for improved safety regulations.


In “Fast Food Nation,” Eric Schlosser effectively employs the rhetorical appeal logos to support his arguments and engage readers in critical thinking. The excerpt analyzed from Chapter 2 demonstrates his use of statistical data, logical reasoning, and evidence to present a compelling case regarding the low wages and workplace hazards in the fast-food industry. By appealing to logos, Schlosser strengthens his arguments and encourages readers to consider the systemic issues within the fast-food industry.


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