Yukon Gear & Axle Performance Rear HD Driveshaft

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Dana 44/ 220mm Rear, Jeep JL & JT;For 4 Door Automatic Transmission;1350 Heavy Duty U-Joint;Yukon performance driveshafts are built to the highest standards;Engineered using state-of-the-art design software;Units are inspected to ensure precise accuracy and fitment;California Residents: WARNING Yukon Gear & Axle Performance Drive-Shafts deliver unrivaled performance over stock, fitting vehicles with up to a 4.5″ lift. Yukon drive-shafts feature high strength steel, 1310-1410 u-joints, and apply sufficient slip travel. These complete driveshaft assemblies offer greater strength, increased operating angles, and longer life for whatever surface, trail, road, or terrain you seek. Yukon drive-shafts are preferred by top off-road, diesel, and street racers because they can take the abuse of big tires and high horsepower. When your vehicle demands performance, durability, and strength choose Yukon Performance Drive-Shafts

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Brand: Yukon Gear & Axle
Model: YDS058
Shipping Weight: 27.00 lbs
Shipping Length: 38.0 IN
Shipping Width: 8.0 IN
Shipping Height: 8.0 IN
Price: $903.75

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