Why does my steering wheel squeak when i turn?

Why does my steering wheel squeak when i turn?


If you’ve noticed a squeaking sound coming from your steering wheel when you turn it, you may be wondering why it’s happening. The squeaking noise can be annoying and concerning, but it is usually not a serious issue. In this article, we will explore some of the common reasons why your steering wheel may squeak when you turn and what you can do to address the problem.

Possible Causes of Steering Wheel Squeaking

1. Worn Out Power Steering Belt: One of the most common causes of a squeaking steering wheel is a worn-out power steering belt. Over time, the belt can become cracked, glazed, or stretched, leading to a squeaking noise when the steering wheel is turned. Inspecting the belt for signs of wear and replacing it if necessary can resolve the issue.

2. Low Power Steering Fluid: Insufficient power steering fluid can also cause a squeaking noise when turning the steering wheel. When the fluid level is low, the power steering pump may not function properly, resulting in a squeak. Checking the power steering fluid level and topping it up if needed can help eliminate the noise.

3. Dry Ball Joints or Tie Rod Ends: The ball joints and tie rod ends in your vehicle’s steering system require lubrication to operate smoothly. If they become dry or lack proper lubrication, they can produce a squeaking sound when the steering wheel is turned. Applying lubricant to these components can often solve the problem.

4. Worn Out Steering Column Bearings: Over time, the bearings in the steering column can wear out, leading to a squeaking noise. This is more common in older vehicles or those with high mileage. Replacing the worn-out bearings can help eliminate the squeak.

5. Misaligned or Loose Belt Tensioner: A misaligned or loose belt tensioner can cause the power steering belt to slip or rub against other components, resulting in a squeaking noise. Adjusting or replacing the belt tensioner can resolve the issue.

6. Damaged or Worn Steering Components: If any of the steering components, such as the rack and pinion or steering gearbox, are damaged or worn out, they can produce a squeaking sound. In such cases, professional inspection and repair may be necessary to resolve the issue.


A squeaking steering wheel when turning can be caused by various factors, including a worn-out power steering belt, low power steering fluid, dry ball joints or tie rod ends, worn-out steering column bearings, misaligned or loose belt tensioner, or damaged steering components. It is important to identify the specific cause of the squeak to address the issue effectively. Regular maintenance and inspections can help prevent or quickly resolve steering wheel squeaking problems, ensuring a smooth and quiet driving experience.


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