What is car wash mode on tesla?

What is car wash mode on tesla?


Car wash mode on Tesla is a feature designed to optimize the vehicle’s performance and protect it during automated car washes. This mode ensures that the car’s sensors, cameras, and other sensitive components are temporarily disabled or adjusted to prevent any potential damage or false readings. In this article, we will delve deeper into the specifics of car wash mode on Tesla and its importance for maintaining the vehicle’s condition.

Understanding Car Wash Mode

What is Car Wash Mode?: Car wash mode is a setting available on Tesla vehicles that enables drivers to prepare their cars for automatic car washes. When activated, this mode adjusts various vehicle settings to ensure a safe and effective car wash experience. It disables certain features that could be affected by water or cause false alarms during the wash process.

How to Activate Car Wash Mode: To activate car wash mode on a Tesla, follow these steps:

1. Open the Tesla mobile app or go to the vehicle’s touchscreen display.
2. Navigate to the ‘Controls’ menu.
3. Select ‘Service’ and then ‘Car Wash Mode.’
4. A prompt will appear, asking you to confirm the activation of car wash mode.
5. Once confirmed, the vehicle will enter car wash mode, and the necessary adjustments will be made.

It’s important to note that car wash mode is a temporary setting that automatically deactivates after a short period or when the vehicle is turned off.

Features Disabled or Adjusted in Car Wash Mode: When car wash mode is activated, several features are disabled or adjusted to ensure a smooth and safe car wash experience. These may include:

1. Automatic Wipers: The automatic wiper function is disabled to prevent the wipers from activating during the car wash, potentially causing damage.
2. Parking Sensors: The ultrasonic parking sensors are temporarily disabled to avoid false alarms triggered by water or the movement of the car wash equipment.
3. Automatic Folding Mirrors: The side mirrors are automatically folded to prevent any potential damage during the car wash.
4. Smart Suspension: The smart suspension system is adjusted to its highest setting to provide additional ground clearance during the car wash process.

It’s worth mentioning that the specific features disabled or adjusted in car wash mode may vary depending on the Tesla model and software version.


Car wash mode on Tesla is a valuable feature that ensures the vehicle’s safety and protects its sensitive components during automated car washes. By temporarily disabling or adjusting certain features, such as automatic wipers, parking sensors, folding mirrors, and smart suspension, car wash mode helps maintain the car’s condition and prevents potential damage. It is a convenient option for Tesla owners who frequently use automated car washes.


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