VIAIR Heavy Duty ADA System

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Automatic Deployment Air System (ADA);For up to 35 tires;12-Volt;Permanent magnetic motor;Duty cycle: 33% @ 100 PSI;Max working pressure: 150 PSI;Max amp draw: 30 amps;Ingress protection rating: IP67;400C Compressor with thermal overload protector;Extruded aluminum air tank (12-port);Toggle switch;Air line for remote mount air filter installation;(2) Remote mount air filter relocation fittings;1/8 NPT drain cock;1/4 NPT safety valve;(8) 1/4 NPT hex plug;1/4 NPT sealed pressure switch (85/105 PSI);(2) 1/4 NPT BSP adapter;1/4 NPT automatic coupler;Digital tire inflation gun;30′ Inflation hose with automatic couplers;30 Amp delphi connector set;60 Amp fuse holder;40 Amp fuse;(2) 1/4 Ring terminal;5/16 Ring terminal;(3) Female spade terminal connector;California Residents: WARNING Using a 33% (Heavy Duty) duty cycle 400C compressor, tire inflation or air locker actuation is made possible in a very compact space. Each ADA System comes complete with an onboard pressure switch, automatic coupler and a Digital Tire Inflation Kit. Additionally, a wiring harness is included to make the installation a plug & play process, with very little install time required.

Brand: VIAIR
Model: 40049
Shipping Weight: 11.00 lbs
Shipping Length: 12.0 IN
Shipping Width: 10.0 IN
Shipping Height: 8.0 IN
Price: $484.99

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