Rock Krawler 3.5 Inch X Factor X2 Long Arm System

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Wrangler JL, 2-Door;Sport / Sahara models;System benefits: excellent highway ride;Improved off-road ability;Full high clearance design;High clearance independent 3 link long arm front and reare suspension;Weld on long arm mounting brackets with weld scheduling just like OEM;Heat Shield thermal barrier products, just like OEM to protect the front control arm joints at the frame;4.5 inch rear clearance gain from the X2 axle bracket system;Adjustable rear anti-squat featuring X2 geometry;System includes: weld-on front long arm mounting system;Heat Shield Products Sticky Shield kit;Front and rear adjustable anti-wobble track bar;High clerance X Factor front and rear lower control arms;Front and rear adjustable upper control arms;Rear frame side upper control arm mount;Rear extended sway bar links;Weld-on rear upper shock mount, rear axle side control arm mount, rear track bar mount and rear axle truss;Rear brake line relocation brackets;All necessary hardware and detailed instructions;Note: system does not include shocks, see below about shock lengths;See product overview below about very important details for this lift kit;California Residents: WARNING The Rock Krawler JL 3.5 X Factor X2 Coil Over System is the ultimate JL Long Arm system for hard core rock crawling. The X Factor systems feature Independent 3 link designs front & rear for maximum articulation and off-road performance. The rear suspension provides adjustable anti-squat with X2 rear suspension geometry with enhanced rear instant center(s) and rear roll center(s). The new high clearance axle mounts provide 4.5 of ground clearance under the rear axle as compared to stock. The rear upper shock relocation brackets ensure you do not lose any shock or suspension travel. The combination of high clearance long arms and 3 link suspension geometry lets you dominate the trails.
Tire Fitment: Sport and Sahara with Full OEM Fenders: 37 Tall Tires (3 Bump Stop Height Recommended)
Sport and Sahara with Trimmed or High Lined OEM Fenders: 38 Tall Tires (3 Bump Stop Height Recommended)
Rubicon with Full OEM Fenders: 37/38 Tall Tires (3 Bump Stop Height Recommended)
Rubicon with Trimmed or High Lined OEM Fenders: 40 Tall Tires (3 Bump Stop Height Recommended)

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Wheel Fitment: Sport and Sahara Wheel Fitment Recommendations: 37/38 Tall Tires – Recommend 3.5 of Backspacing
Rubicon Fitment Recommendations: 37 Tall Tires Recommend 4.5 of Backspacing
40 Tall Tires Recommend 3.5 of Backspacing
Shock notes: generic front shock length: 18 – 19 inches collapsed / 30 inches max extended
Generic rear shock length: 20 – 21 inches collapsed / 32 inches max extended

General Notes: All lift heights based on Sport models;Requires a gas tank conversion either to a JK Gas Tank or any aftermarket gas tank the mounts in the rear or bed of the vehicle; Requires the use of an aftermarket front axle housing with FAD (front axle disconnect) delete to weld the front upper arm mount to;Recommend a new front C.V. driveshaft for all front shocks with max. extended length greater than 29in;Requires welding of the Front and Rear Lon

Brand: Rock Krawler
Model: JL35X2LA-2
Shipping Weight: 445.00 lbs
Shipping Length:
Shipping Width:
Shipping Height:
Price: $4617.2

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