Rhino-Rack Vortex RCL 3 Bar Backbone Roof Rack (Black)

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4-door models;Removable and easy to install;Locking cover with a compartment for an Allen key;Low profile;Height can be increased using QMVA spacers;Maximises roof width with overhang bars;Suitable for heavy off-road use;Tested and approved to Australian Standards AS1235-2000;Comes with precision moulded insert cover pads when bars are not in use;California Residents: WARNING Rhino-Rack engineers have tailored the design of the Vortex RCL Rhino-Rack Backbone to suit the contours of your Jeep. Rhino-Rack Backbone technology works by running support structures through the inside of the Jeep making it the strongest and most secure way to utilise your Jeep’s roof top. Weight rated up to 120kg / 264lb which is approximately 3x more than any other roof rack system available on the market. The Vortex bar is our most accessory compatible crossbar so whether you’re a traveller, outdoor person, tradesperson or family holidaymaker- the Vortex RCL Rhino-Rack Backbone has you covered.

Brand: Rhino-Rack USA
Model: JB0896
Shipping Weight: 52.00 lbs
Shipping Length:
Shipping Width:
Shipping Height:
Price: $988.35

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