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07-18 Wrangler JK, 2 & 4 Door;Dual rate coil springs;Front upper and lower control arms;Rear upper and lower control arms;Front and rear adjustable track bars;Track bar drop brackets;High steer flip kit;Front and rear billet bump stops;Rear brake lines;Rear sway bar links;Front 2.5 Omega Series Bypass Remote Reservoir shocks;Rear 2.5 Omega Series Piggyback shocks;Made in the USA;Max Tire Size: 35×12.50;California Residents: WARNING ICONs 4.5 inch Jeep JK Performance Suspension Systems aims to strike a perfect balance between wheel travel, articulation, ground clearance, and precise on and off-road handling characteristics. With these goals met, ICON-equipped JKs can take on rolling desert whoops, crawl over obstacle-riddled trails, and drive back home in comfort all in the same day. One of the major benefits of the ICON 4.5 inch JK system (or any ICON system) is that they are comprehensive suspension solutions, not just lift kit is. As a complete manufacturer ICON is able to engineer & create shock absorbers, coil springs, link arms, track bars, and all associated parts to work in conjunction with each other and extract maximum performance out of the Jeep JK. The ICON Stage 5 Jeep JK 4.5 suspension system includes dual-rate coil springs, track bar drop brackets, high-steering components, bumpstop spacers, rear brake lines, rear sway bar links, complete set of front and rear links, and 2.5 Omega Series 2 tube bypass shocks. Tested and tuned, the ICON JK Stage 5 suspension system offers stability and drivability over a wide range of off road terrains, while keeping a smooth on road feel for every day driving. This system includes 2.5 remote reservoir shocks front and rear to ensure optimum performance by increasing the duration of consistent damping regardless of situation, keeping the shocks at a cooler operating temperature during heavy use. The ICON Omega Series bypass shocks offer compression and rebound adjustability for fine tuning the riding for any situation faced. Installing this kit allows proper clearance for 35 tall tires with no modifications and 37 tires with aftermarket high clearance fenders.

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Brand: ICON Vehicle Dynamics
Model: K24005
Shipping Weight: 265.00 lbs
Shipping Length:
Shipping Width:
Shipping Height:
Price: $6838.8

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