Hypertech REACT Tow Version Throttle Optimizer

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Tow version: The throttle curves in this model are designed to improve the power delivery when you’re towing or hauling;Modes:Heavy Tow, Tow, Economy, Wet/Ice, Stock;On-the-fly adjustments;LED setting indicators;Multiple levels of safety protection;Magnetic A/C vent mount included (no screws or tape);Pedestal swivel mount also available (sold separately);Custom tuning software;Internet updateable;3 versions of the REACT available: Off-Road, Performance, and Tow;Easy plug-and-play install;Automatic setup sequence (no disassembly required);Doesn’t void factory warranty;50 State Legal CARB EO# D-260-28 and D-260-29;California Residents: WARNING REACT is Hypertech’s innovative new throttle optimizer which combines Hypertech’s history of award-winning Engineering and exciting performance. The REACT offers fully customizable control over your vehicle’s throttle response. The simple control knob allows you to switch between multiple modes and control the throttle intensity of each mode on-the-fly. The REACT installs easily and is completely plug-and-play, has an automatic setup sequence so no disassembly is required, comes with a magnetic A/C vent mount (Pedestal swivel mount also available – Sold separately at, and doesn’t void your factory warranty. Plus the REACT is internet updateable. Three (3) versions of the REACT throttle optimizer are available to fit your particular driving needs…Performance, Off-Road, and Tow.

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Once the installation is complete, the REACT Throttle Optimizer is ready to use. The REACT offers fully customizable control over your vehicle’sthrottle response. The simple control knob allows you to switch between multiple modes and control the intensity of each mode all on-the-fly. Pressing the knob clicks between each drive mode curve. Rotating theknob up increases the throttle intensity, while rotating the knob down decreases the throttle intensity. Your pedal position will need to be below a safe threshold for a new selection to take effect. (NOTE: Approx. 25% – Percentage varies with application.)

Brand: Hypertech
Model: 102202
Shipping Weight: 0.85 lbs
Shipping Length: 8.8 IN
Shipping Width: 5.0 IN
Shipping Height: 3.5 IN
Price: $329

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