How to fix steering wheel not straight?

How to fix steering wheel not straight?


When driving, it is essential to have a properly aligned steering wheel for optimal control and comfort. However, sometimes you may notice that your steering wheel is not straight, even when driving in a straight line. This misalignment can be frustrating and potentially dangerous. In this article, we will explore the possible causes of a crooked steering wheel and provide some solutions to fix it.

Possible Causes of a Crooked Steering Wheel

There are several reasons why your steering wheel may not be straight. Here are some common causes:

Wheel Alignment: One of the most common reasons for a misaligned steering wheel is improper wheel alignment. If your vehicle’s wheels are not aligned correctly, it can cause the steering wheel to be off-center.

Suspension Issues: Problems with your vehicle’s suspension system can also lead to a crooked steering wheel. Issues such as worn-out suspension components or damaged control arms can affect the wheel alignment and cause the steering wheel to be misaligned.

Steering Column Misalignment: Another possible cause is a misaligned steering column. If the steering column is not properly aligned with the wheels, it can result in a crooked steering wheel.

How to Fix a Crooked Steering Wheel

Now that we have identified some possible causes, let’s explore how to fix a crooked steering wheel:

1. Wheel Alignment: If the misalignment is caused by improper wheel alignment, you will need to visit a professional auto shop or a specialized alignment center. They have the necessary equipment and expertise to adjust the wheel alignment accurately. Wheel alignment involves adjusting the angles of the wheels to ensure they are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the ground.

2. Suspension Inspection: If suspension issues are causing the misalignment, it is crucial to have your suspension system inspected by a qualified mechanic. They will be able to identify any worn-out or damaged components and replace them as necessary. Once the suspension is in proper working condition, the steering wheel alignment should improve.

3. Steering Column Adjustment: In some cases, a misaligned steering column may be the culprit. You can try adjusting the steering column yourself if you have the necessary tools and knowledge. However, it is recommended to consult a professional mechanic or refer to your vehicle’s service manual for guidance on how to properly adjust the steering column.


Having a straight steering wheel is crucial for safe and comfortable driving. If you notice that your steering wheel is not aligned correctly, it is essential to identify the cause and address it promptly. Whether it’s improper wheel alignment, suspension issues, or a misaligned steering column, seeking professional help or referring to your vehicle’s service manual is the best course of action to fix the problem.