HornBlasters Nathan Airchime P3 Train Horn Kit (Black)

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All inclusive train horn solution;Nathan Airchime P3 Train Horn (AH-P3);Blach finish;Heavy duty sand cast aluminum construction;Exclusive P-series mellow tone locomotive acoustics;Large 1/2 air inlet for excellent air flow;Reversible bells for custom configurations;HornAir 544 Onboard Air System (HA-544);HornAir 5 gallon 8 port air tank;Viair 444C chrome compressor;HornBlasters 110/150 PSI pressure switch;Remote mountable intake filter assembly;10 ft DOT approved airline, air filter cartridges;6 ft of 3/8 air line (for intake);18 ft of 12ga power wire, wiring & plumbing kit;3/8 NPT electric solenoid valve;10 seconds max honk time;Brass NPT fittings kit including safety valve and blowoff;Mounting hardware, earplugs, detailed instructions;California Residents: WARNING HornBlasters train horns are of the finest quality. On top of being virtually indestructible, they’re covered with an amazing warranty. They also feature stainless-steel diaphragms which not only resist the elements but endure the harshest high-pressure conditions. The tuning of the horns is musically accurate. Each horn is tuned to a specific note and is accurate to 1 Hz. Together the horn kits play easily recognizable, authentic locomotive chords. Our horns must all pass inspection in an anechoic chamber before leaving the factory. All HornBlasters kits feature DOT/SAE J10/ASME spec. airline and fittings. These rugged American safety standards not only insure your safety but also reflect the durability of these kits. These kits feature standard pipe threading and line sizes. This means you won’t have any trouble finding parts at any American hardware store. All ports and fittings are NPT. The air valves and air compressors used are brand name and of the highest quality. The Viair compressors used in our kits are the industry-leading onboard air compressor. HornBlasters does not use any generic parts in their kits. Everything used is both of the highest quality and hand-selected to be used in HornBlasters kits.

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Brand: HornBlasters
Model: HK-P3-544
Shipping Weight: 65.00 lbs
Shipping Length: 21.0 IN
Shipping Width: 21.0 IN
Shipping Height: 16.0 IN
Price: $2289.99

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