HornBlasters Nathan Airchime 6 Bell Remote Mounting Kit

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Nathan AirchimeBells;Remote mount the horns;Black finish;Includes: 6x Remote mounting brackets;6Way Banjo fitting;20 ft of 3/8 Air line;6x 3/8 PTC to 3/8 NPT Elbows;Mounting hardware;One year manufactures defect warranty;California Residents: WARNING Wouldn’t it be cool to have all six Nathan Airchime K-Bells at once? Or maybe you are looking for a way to individually mount your HornBlasters King 6 bells. With our Nathan AirChime 6 Bell Remote Mounting Kit, you can mount the biggest and loudest 6 bell train horns individually, ditching the huge standard manifold and allowing you more room to fit these monstrous train horns in tighter spaces. Our Nathan AirChime 6 Bell Remote Mounting Kit gives you everything you need to hook up from an existing 1/2 valve, including six mounting brackets, mounting hardware, 6-way banjo fitting, 20 feet of 3/8 Air Line, and six 3/8 PTC to 3/8 NPT Elbows.

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Note:This kit is designed for already existing systems, this replaces everything after the valve!

Brand: HornBlasters
Model: VK-NAC6
Shipping Weight: 6.00 lbs
Shipping Length: 15.0 IN
Shipping Width: 11.0 IN
Shipping Height: 9.0 IN
Price: $324.99

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