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97-06 Wrangler TJ;Matte Black Twill;Lifetime Limited Warranty – the only soft top you can buy with a warranty this strong;New 30-oz. triple-layer Black Twill fabric;Black Twill fabric as found on high-end sports and luxury cars;Features a smooth, wrinkle-resistant appearance, and contains no PVC-s;More flexible with a softer feel and superior cold-weather performance;Industry-leading 40-mil, D.O.T. approved vinyl side and rear windows have 31% tint;Premium hardware is black powder coated for corrosion and scratch resistance;Features factory-style door surrounds and windshield header assembly, Bestop-exclusive Top Arch Bar, Quick-release Bow Knuckles and adjustable tensioning;Bestop-exclusive Flip-back Sunrider sunroof panel for an open air ride is standard;Limited lifetime warranty;California Residents: WARNING Supertop NX Black Twill complete top with OEM style hardware. Bestops factory style soft top comes complete with factory style door surrounds, factory style windshield channel, Matte Black Twill fabric and tinted windows. PLUS, a Top Arch to support the fabric, quick release bow knuckles for tool-less top removal and a new adjustable plate to maintain top taughtness. Matte Black Twill fabric is the same fabric used in all sorts of expensive sports cars and European luxury cars. Instead of the normal Jeep vinyl, this fabric is much more luxurious feeling, much more cloth-like. it is also the heaviest fabric Bestop has ever used, so it is not only a lot quieter, it is going to help stop heat transfer as well. The fabric is actually three heavy layers: Twill on the outside, rubber waterproofing, and finished twill on the inside. It makes the inside of the top look as finished as the outside. Since the fabric is the best ever, Bestop also upgraded and added extra thick 40mil windows and a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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Brand: Bestop
Model: 54820-17
Shipping Weight: 62.00 lbs
Shipping Length: 59.0 IN
Shipping Width: 29.0 IN
Shipping Height: 6.0 IN
Price: $1599.99

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